Monday, March 29, 2010


I moved my Friday cleaning to tonight, which is why it took me a little while to hop on the computer. I can't tell you how great the baked chicken and salad for dinner tasted after a weekend of eating out! I have never been to Savannah, Georgia and fell in love at first site. If you have never been it's a lovely city on the water with so much Southern charm, amazing architecture, and gorgeous trees. The entire time we walked in and out of the little shops I wondered why I have never been there before.

Savannah 004

Savannah 007

Savannah 011

Savannah 008

We ate at the Lady & Sons Restaurant aka Paula Deen and Sons. The food was wonderful and almost everyone that eats there orders the buffet, which is a variety of Southern fried comfort foods. I had to be different and order the chicken pot pie. ;)

Savannah 006

Savannah 005

I also loved loved loved a shop called The Paris Market. It is a gorgeous store and cafe that has a variety of old and new. {Even old things look new in this place.} I could have look there for hours and probably not seen everything.

Savannah 002

Savannah 003

Savannah 009

It was such a wonderful weekend and so much to do. There were haunted tours, carriage rides, wine tastings, water cruises, cooking classes, and so much more. I really hated to leave, but think that Jonathan and I may take a trip there one day soon.


  1. I totally agree with you on this one- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Savannah too! Cutest city ever. I went to Hilton Head with some girls this summer and we only had a few hours in Savannah before we caught our flight home, but I was obsessed!

  2. Oh Katiem it looks gorgeous and I love the look of the shop. I agree I think I could've easily spent hours and hours looking at all of those wonderful things. xx

  3. love the pictures! you certainly had a grand ol' time! i've heard such amazing things about paula's restaurant. i must go. the shop looks stunning... i could so get lost in there for hours!

  4. Awww, it looks like such a great time!


  5. great pictures and i love the blog! here is the link to one of my favorites
    I can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!

  6. I LOVE Savannah!! I hope you tried some fudge while you were there! Amazing.

  7. We went to Savannah for our 1 year anniversary and stayed in a B&B...perfection!! Elizabeth's on 37th is my most favorite "fancy" place to eat :) I LOVED the Paris market too!! Beautiful things..especially their hand made soaps, and fresh neat!

    I wish I knew the name of the flowers, but I don't!!

  8. That looks like so much fun! I hear that Paula Deans restaurant is amazing, good to hear a first hand account - that bloody mary looks oh so dangerous!

    And don't get me started with that Paris market store - I would have loved to get lost in there!

    What fun!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh I love Savanah. So glad that you had a great time. BTW - you take amazing pictures! You really are a great photographer!


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