Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a week!

This week has been crazy! First, we are closing on our new house (in thirty minutes). Secondly, we are moving out everything tomorrow and all weekend. And lastly, my BROTHER IS HOME! You can definitely say we have a lot going on.

I will be taking pictures of the moving process, the reunion with Chris, and getting the keys to our new space. Stay tuned as I try and make these things happen. We are so blessed to have been given these opportunities!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Piece

Yesterday, while Jonathan was gone I took the advantage of my afternoon and painted. This piece is getting donated for a fundraiser and silent auction to benefit the American Heart Association. After I did a piece last fall for the International Interior Designer Association, my friend Rebecca asked me to do one for her event. Tada! I am really pleased with how it turned out. It took me under two hours and the only tools I used was a utility knife and my pinky finger.

Late Winter 2010 004

Late Winter 2010 002

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It was a cold one!

Sunday January 10th I ran in First Light half marathon in Mobile, AL. My good friend Emily Ann and I ran in it together. We trained last year for the half in Mobile and the Mercedes half. It was a blast and so cold! The race started at 7:30 AM downtown Mobile and in 20 degree weather!

2010 A New Year 116
Emily Ann and I before the race

2010 A New Year 112
Stretching at the hotel before we went to freeze!

2010 A New Year 117
Jonathan and I before the run (trash bag is to break the wind before the race)

2010 A New Year 126
Look how bundled up everyone is! I promise there were others in trash bags besides us

2010 A New Year 129
Approaching the Finish

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We've got it!

Birmingham Lately 048

We got the house! Team Nelson is officially under contract! It is such an exciting time for us too. I have already started looking at fabrics, paint colors, and arrangements for the new place. I also know Jonathan and I will have pizza and painting nights if anyone wants to join us ;)

I am sure Dax will get accustomed to the new place quickly and have tons of room to run! No more listening to the footsteps of the people upstairs. No more washing dishes by hand (we used paper plates whenever we could) and no more eating off a card table. New house here we come! At least by the end of January...

Monday, January 4, 2010

On to the next one

Another offer! We have found a fantastic house in Bluff Park! I found it one evening while Jonathan and I were cooking dinner. It has 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths, updated eat in kitchen, dining room, sunroom, basement, and den.The back yard is entirely fenced in and the neighbors even have dogs that would be perfect for Dax to play with, especially since they have dug a hole under then fence.

We love that the house has beautiful hard wood floors, smooth ceilings, and new light fixtures. The kitchen has granite countertops, new backsplash, and new appliances (even though they are white.) We are really pleased with this home and love that it has basement parking for both our cars. The garage also has a workshop so you know that will mean craft time Katie is back!!!

I already know where I want the furniture to go and have started looking at fabrics and paint colors online. Jonathan likes it a lot, but does not know how he feels about being the second house in the neighborhood. I had to remind him that on the other house he disliked it being so far in and now this one is too close to the edge. Oh, how we forget!

The offer is back in our court and I think we will accept tomorrow based on some minor details. I will be excited to annouce when we are under contract, but I am definitely apprehensive something will go wrong. Sorry I am being Debbie Downer, but let's face it, those things do happen. Regardless, if it is meant to be then things will happen for us. It always does.

The house has a generator, which is fantastic in case of icestorms (or just cool for me to say we have one)

In the entryway looking into the dining room

Dining room looking into den and back sunroom and the fireplace is wood burning

New appliances, but why white? Anyone want to buy this from me?

A view from other hallway into kitchen (breakfast area behind dishwasher)

Master bedroom, but the other guest rooms are very similar

Master bathroom

We are really excited and cannot wait to report what will come next. I know we are ready for more space, a dishwasher, a yard, and having access to the things that make life comfortable. I am really pleased that this has brought Jonathan and I closer together both literally and figuratively!

A New Year

2010? I can't believe another year has gone by! What will they call this decade that just passed? Will we say two thousand and ten or just twenty ten? We now walk around with little computers as cell phones and every one is connected within seconds. A lot has happened in the early 2000's.

We spent New Years in Nashville with our good friend Matt. Jonathan got off of work and we headed straight to Nashvegas. I would say New Year's Eve was a succesful evening and this is why:

1) For those of my friends that like to call me "Grandma" I stayed up until 4:00 AM.

2) We saw the Nashville guitar drop (first annual) and it wasn't too bad either.

3) I met and took a picture with Abraham Lincoln!

4) Did NOT lose my purse even though people made bets about it all evening.

5) I got Jonathan to dance with me and found a really fun hat!

All in all it was a fun New Year and here are some pictures to prove it!

Before we left Matt's House to go to downtown Nashville (my first time!)

Nashville Guitar taking the plummit

Mr. President and me (he apparently wears this out a lot and I was afraid to get too close)

The three amigos and doesn't Jonathan look like he's being forced to give me a kiss?

We were waiting to order food at a place that made the best grilled cheese I've ever had!