Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lamp Project

Hey friends! My project is finally done and I am so eager to share the results with you. A while back do you remember the bright gold, dusty, hand-me-down lamps I had in my garage? Jonathan kept trying to take them to Goodwill, but I am so glad I resisted. It really took an afternoon for me to buckle down and say, "I have to get this done...TODAY".

The process worked like this...
*Cleaned lamps and tape/cover cords

*Apply one coat of Kilz (If this is not a staple in your home, get some... I'm just saying)

*It dries quickly so I was able to apply small/light layers of high-gloss spray paint (layer it so you don't get yucky drip marks)

*I had a coupon and giftcard to Pottery Barn, so I was able to buy the small linen lampshades for nothing!

*I also replaced the thingy (what's it called that hold the lampshade to the lamp?) well, I replaced it for a couple bucks too

And voila!

Y'all I am not going to lie when I made Jonathan come look at it three times.
Have a wonderful week and be safe if you are traveling for Easter!


  1. How Cute!! I really like them. You have a great eye for stuff like that. I wouldn't ever think to do anything with those old brass lamps.

  2. oh my goodness gracious... they look absolutely stunning! it looks like the entire lamp came from pottery barn - not just the shades! bring on the kilz!!! i love that stuff.

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  4. Looks awesome! I love using 'old' stuff that some people might throw away. It adds charm to your home :)

  5. These look brand spanking new! They look GREAT! And I can't believe they cost nothing!


  6. WAY impressive! I just spent part of my evening on a wild goose chase for a small, basic, inexpensive lampshade. Why is that so hard to find??


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