Friday, March 19, 2010

Almost too giddy

I think I have a new motto: Eight O'Clock Coffee is not as great at FIVE AM. You heard that right... it's five in the morning on a Friday when I don't have to be at work until 8. Fridays are great at the publishing company where I work, because during the week I work 7-5. Those nine hour days lead me to a Friday where I can show up in blue jeans and my afternoons are filled with endless possibilities. Since I am a control freak those afternoons are usually spent with me cleaning, listening to music, running errands, and lighting my most heavily scented candles I own. On gorgeous days this really bugs me that I don't take a book and blanket outside, take Dax to the park, run, paint, or ANYTHING but clean. Is it just me or does not having a somewhat clean house bug the stew out of you?

My new best friends (aka the painters) were over here yesterday and it drove this control freak nuts all day at work wondering what was going on and if they needed to ask me any questions. Most of the texts Jonathan and I sent were like this...

Me: How do you think Pedro's doing?

Jonathan: Fine. He's a professional.

Me: Are you excited?

Jonathan: Very

Me: Seriously? You don't sound excited.

Jonathan: Of course I am, but not as excited as you.

Me: Should I call him?

Jonathan: Would it make you feel better?


Me: Sorry, I was on the phone with him. Everthings fine.

Many of my texts and conversations consisted went like that or longer, but I might not have your attention for long ones ;) Coming home was awesome to seeing white trim, plastic covering on the floor, and workers that stayed until 6 o'clock. They were gems and even took off all the door nobs at my request.
Spring2010 002

After living here a month a half I already need to clean my closets and start an Etsy account. I have been toying with the idea and talking to my girlfriend Tracy that I should put my paintings on Etsy to earn a little extra dough. She and everyone have been so encouraging and said if I did it they would buy one. I have to laugh because I would make my dear friends or family something for free. My other girlfriend said it this way and it made me feel better, "I want to own artwork from the people I know. That way when someone comments on it I can say I know them." haha the encouragement has been so uplifting. (These are finished and unfinished canvases... basically I need to put these up and begin selling)
Spring2010 008

I would like to say a few things about my blog coach. I don't have an official coach, but my husband loves to encourage me to do and try new things. He fundraises with me, runs with me when I don't feel like it, jam out while doing chores, doesn't complain when I put a laundry basket in front of him, and is always encouraging me to blog more. I get really annoyed with him (after all, married people argue too) but in the end I always appreciate him making me do things I don't want to do at that present moment. We have been together five years and married for almost two. It's pretty awesome waking up and getting to hang out with your best friend everyday. It's not roses, chores, and sunshine all the time, but we make it work. (Funny story: when we moved we made this rule, whenever we were getting frustrated or you could tell the other person really had enough, we had to give eachother "angry hugs." This is a hug that you don't want to give and it's so hard to do. Hug someone you're mad at?? It's funny to us now and at the end of the day we were hugging and both stomping off in opposite directions. Hard not to laugh when two grown people were acting like three year olds. It's really hard to do, but I totally recommend trying it.)
Summer 2009 014

Here's to you blog coach and have an amazing Friday!


  1. i love the conversation with the hubs about the painters - i'd so have that same conversation with my hubs! sell away lady!!! etsy rocks. you will do so stinkin well. so glad your fridays are so sweet... what a great way to start your weekend! have a great afternoon and don't clean too much. : )

  2. yeah you need to go ahead and post to etsy. that big picture has already caught my eye. I want to see the rest of them.

    i think jonathan needs to do a post of his own. i am trying to get travis to but am a little scared of what it may be about.

  3. I just dropped in from my daughter's blog (Sincerely Shannon)...This was sweet and your dog is cute : ) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Katie, I am loving to see the progress with your house and hear about the conversation you two are having (they sound familiar!). Let me know if you put your paintings up - I'd love to see them!

  5. girl, that is awesome advice! Matt makes me do that too! Physical touch is so good for us when we are mad. It calms us down a little bit. Anyway, hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. Angry Hugs might be the most brilliant idea ever! Very sweet!


    p.s. I found your conversation about Pedro hilarious and all too familiar.

    p.p.s. Anyway that you can hire someone to clean for you at least 1 day a month to ensure that you enjoy your afternoon?


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