Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Rant and Rave

I am not the doom and gloom type of person. I like to think that most of the time I am pretty optimistic. There are the occasions when I have to take a moment and share a few of the things that bother me.

1) Let's say you are waiting in line at the grocery store and there is one person checking everyone out. Another cashier opens up and says, "may I help the next person in line?" (you know what comes next) a group of people or someone that has walked up immediately runs over and gets in line, cutting all the patient people in the first line off! Really burns me up...

2) Sometimes I am guilty of this, but as of late I have been trying to be better at picking up the phone and calling people. Do you get mad when someone sends you a text about an important event or occasion? When did we all get so busy that we can't call the people closest to us and share the good news or invitation? Mass text messages make me mad... I guess it's frustrating when communication has become a convenience and in turns it into sacrificing relationships. Does that make sense?

3) To piggy back on number two I would love for "thank you notes" to come back in style. When did it become kosher to tell someone thank you for going out of their way and not send a note? Have you sent any wedding, birthday, baby gifts lately and not received a thank you note? I have and I wonder if I am behind the times by thinking you should still send one. Is this just me?

4) I am a serial snacker. Interpretation: I wonder what the cleaning crew at my office thinks about me by the evidence I leave in my trash can??? Last month I wrote down everything at the end of the day, because I wouldn't remember the list to tell Jonathan. It was something like this: yogurt container, coffee cup, six splenda packets, diet coke cans x2, three mini Snickers (b/c it doesn't count when they are small), pack of crackers, bag of peanuts, pie plate from the test kitchen (only the biggest slice ever), mac and cheese container, part of a banana, half a FireHouse sub, and more and more. I bet they laughed when they thought I was being healthy with the "diet" drink and the splenda! This doesn't make me mad, but thought I would throw this in for humor.

5) Excuses... I am guilty of making excuses and not following through with something I need to do. This is a pet-peeve of mine, but I noticed lately I've been doing just that. I am too busy or lazy to do things I want/should get done. For example, I find every excuse to not paint and start my Etsy shop. It's true and I love to paint. I'm too tired to run so I sleep in the AM. I'm too busy to cook so I pick something up that's easy. I'm too frustrated to paint trim so I hire someone else to do it. I want myself to begin to do more of the things I put off. I want to know the value of hard work and the struggle it may be on me. I want to do these things so I can look back and be proud of my own efforts because I gave my very best. Being too hard on myself you say? One of my biggest annoyances is laziness and look what I have gotten in the habit of? Have you ever felt that way?

I hope your Thursday is wonderful. It's gloomy outside and maybe that's why I am being such a nay-sayer. I feel like there might be things that annoy each of us form time to time and I feel better after venting. Thanks for making it through that rant with me. You're a doll!


  1. Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. You have a really fun blog and I am looking forward to reading more and learning more about you guys. Can't wait to see what your kitchen looks like now! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Thanks to my mom thank you notes have been deeply ingrained in me! I just think they are polite and such a nice thing to receive in the mail! If they're going out of style I'm bringing them back!

  3. Um, first - the peaches - I can't wait to do them, the easier the better which is why it made me so happy when you said they were easy! Second - we have so very many similarities, I am a snacker big time, I love sending thank you's, the cutting the line thing absolutely kills me and I am working on the calling thing...

    Glad to hear other people are thinking the same as me!

  4. you're so cute. all your snackies made me laugh. and yes, the grocery store thing is irritating. imagine this: you're in line with your 12 month old, you're 6 months pregnant, the line is surely taking forever (naptime is pending), and the lady behind you asks to go in front of you because she's in a rush. ugh! i said yes... but inside i was fuming mad. the gall of some people!

  5. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, Pen & Ink! You are too kind. I loved your rant list, especially #5. It is a terrible truth about the human condition, isn't it?

    PS- your black lab is precious. I have a one year old black lab named Jackson who I love so very much!

  6. LOL! You're too funny Katie..and it seems all of us have the same problems! I'm afraid I'm guilty of #2 but if its an Evite,does that make it better? I handwrite thank you notes...still {yup, to all my customers too,even if I have preprinted custom cards, I can't help but write little sweet nothings} although I must say, there are some instances that I probably failed to do that. Oh, I do get a little disturbed when I send somebody I just met or had a meeting with a thank you note & never, ever get an acknowledgement {sometimes I don't know if it got lost,sometimes, it's even items}.

    What's in my home office trash,diet coke cans {3.although my fiance patiently picks them out to bring to the recycle bins...such a good boy!} & well, bunch of papers....hmmm,that's probably where some of the bills/invoices I'm looking for..oh well!:)

  7. Haha! Y'all make me laugh too... I definitely admitted the ones that I do too, but I'm always wondering why I do it because I want to get better. I think evites are cool and I love looking at the designs, but I do get frustrated with text messages invites... would that called textvites? messvites? haha tell me how to coin it and we'll add it to wikipedia :)

  8. This is great! I want to work where you work and get free PIE! YUM! Side note, I hated trim too, until I found the best trim painter ever-this little flat square that you dip in paint and (you can throw away the reusable part when done) it is attached to a handle of sorts. It makes perfectly straight lines (as long as your hand is relatively steady) and does a nice thick line of paint. I LOVE it!

  9. I have the same pet peeve about myself. Laziness!!! I get so frustrated with myself for not doing more. I can totally relate.


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