Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unfinished Projects

When we first got into the house I figured we would be so excited we would work on our 'list" of improvements each night when we got home. Ha! Yeah. right!

On the trim painting we have successfully finished the master bedroom, master closet, bathroom, and sink area. The doors for thoses spaces are painting and new handles have been added. One issue we have already ran into is the doors do not close all the way. How in the world does that happen??? I am going to be calling my dad (the engineer) over, because I know this will drive him nuts. At least you know where I get this from.

We have cut down the fig tree/bush aka monster that was blocking our entire view of the back yard. We have wood to last us three years and the limb pile is larger than Jonathan's truck. I have been calling the city to get someone over to here to pick it up... all they say is "mam you are going to have to pay someone to pick it up." I have been looking at this pile for two weeks and it's driving me crazy. And yes, I wonder what our new neighbors are thinking about when we will be moving it. Yesterday was a miracle! I was coming out the front door when I saw this huge truck with a giant claw come through the neighborhood entrance. All I could think was the city doesn't know a thing! I jumped in my car and chased him down. The guy driving it finally stopped and I asked him if he would come to my house. Once I gave him the address and he said it was within his area I had to run home and move the giant pile of limbs in 15 minutes! I was running back and forth from the driveway to the street to get it all done. Needless to say by the time he showed up I was sweating, my hands hurts, I lost my slip on shoes twice, and then asked him if he wanted a soft drink. The man simply said, "Mam I wouldn't care for anything, but someone needs to get you a Gatorade!" I made Jonathan move the last 1/3rd of the giant pile when he got home for next week...

Oh, so unfinished projects. We have a huge stump in the backyard, the rest of the house still has trim to be painted, our flagpole broke in the front of the house, and I think we are going to break down and hire someone to paint the den and the hallway. I think since people will be going through those areas the most it may be better to have the professional touch. (plus I have a person that can do it on the cheap... dollar-wise). Check it out... The remains of the fig tree.

Dax's Room... This is the sunroom off the den. Currently it is being occupied by him until I can find some modular wicker furntiture.  I have seen the chocolate ones in Pottery Barn and everything I have found to paint is too ornate. I may have to bite the bullet and get the real thing.

These lamps will have a new look the next time you see them. I am sanding the finish off with a fine sand paper and once they are cleaned I will apply a high gloss paint. You'll see!

I took over Jonathan's side of the garage to paint our doors. The slatted bi-fold doors are really tough to do and require a lot of patience. We spray painted them but you have to do it in layers so you don't get those ugly drip marks.

The picture above is a gorgeous table I have been meaning to talk about. Just so you think I am not doom and gloom all the time I have to show you the table my in-laws had redone for us as a gift! So above before, below is after.

Hard to tell, but I love the tiny legs and the detail along the bottm.

Much better! I had to get a rug shot too from Mobile. The San Francisco poster was framed after we went there for my marathon two years ago. Those chairs are going soon :)

Guest room is coming along! I found a bedskirt on Amazon for $20, but didn't cost a thing since we had gift cards from my brother. I am really loving the yellow accents in this room and I am pleased with my patience in getting it all together. I plan on doing a painting for the headboard and focus un the the nature look I want to pull of in this space. Remember before? I am enjoying the after.

Have a great rest of the weekend! We are hvaing roasted duck, steamed veggies, and wild rice for dinner. Did I mention I married a great man that can cook and folds laundry?


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  1. wow!!! everything looks great! that comment from the man helping you was too funny. made me laugh outloud in my cube!


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