Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Grand Weekend

I have been up since 4 am, which is why I decided to write. I have gotten a shower, made my lunch, got dressed and ready (not necessarily in that order) all because I couldn't sleep. I have a lot to catch up on in my office as we are approaching a deadline, but I can't head in just yet. So I am drinking my coffee, eating toast and catching up by posting to you!

Last weekend was Mardis Gras in Mobile, AL. My Mother-in-law belongs to an organization across the Bay and each year we attend her ball. I will not be posting pictures of the event (no incriminating photos here) but I did take some pictures of us Saturday afternoon. We are so lucky blessed that we are able to stay at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL. Normally we'd stay with my in-laws, but we comes down there with such a large group it's easier to crash at the hotel.

Our room faced the water and even though we left the snow in North Alabama we had a gourgeous view to meet our arrival.

I dont like to listen to the news (sorry peeps) but it's just too depressing and I can't help but think about other people's tragedies. For this reason I am not sure the last time we got snow like this...

So Friday night ball, Saturday morning brunch, lunch time massage (I rarely get these and the boys golfed), afternoon nap, and then more pictures before we went to dinner.
It was a lot of fun and a wonderful break to be here and not painting. I am really glad Jonathan made me spend more money and go all out. I am sure you can imagine I am the saver in our relationship. Not really because I appointed myself as the saver but because I think everyone takes on different roles when they are married. (That happens to be one of mine... sounds like fun doesn't it?) Regardless, we enjoyed ourselves immensely until we had to drive away. It was nice to return to a place that is ours.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Tug on My Heart Strings

This will be a short post, but I wanted to share a story about my brother Jiffer. While Jiff was in Afghanistan my mom, friends, family, and work made an effort to make sure he received something from home each week. One of my mom's friend's has a child whose class sent letters and packages to him while he was away. When he returned they thought it would be special for the children to meet Chris and be able to ask questions. He got dressed up and fulfilled his role as one of our many American heroes.

Momma looks like the doting mother!

Chris is very humble about his achievements. He also said he felt like Santa with the children sitting around him in the rocking chair. He also mentions how scared they were to ask him questions (maybe it's the uniform little brother!)

Now this part really pulls on my heart strings. The friend of my mom made a few phone calls and had a gift for Jiffer. She knows our family are BIG Auburn peeps (since Jiff, Jonathan, and I graduated from there, middle bro Thomas is a sophomore, and little John John thinks that is the only place you can go) was able to get an autographed football for Jiff from the head coach, Gene Chizik. My mom and brother were speechless as the class presented the football to him. I think the thoughtfulness and gratitude that parents and teachers are showing the military is a priceless gift to their children. No one in this class knows Jiff or our family, but they know the sacrfices made and supporting a fellow American. I need to be more concious of this each day.

A proud sister!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My family knows this story, but I am sharing it with those who will learn a little more about me. I have three younger, talented, and taller (than me) brothers. Chris is a year and nine months younger than me and just got back from Afghanistan and we celebrated Christmas in February with him. I guess you could say we put the Chris back in Christmas! I was pumped to insert that joke.

The reason I titled this post Jiffer was when we were growing up I could not say Christopher. Instead I called Chris, Jiffer. It has been shortened to Jiff over the years and my aunts still call him this. Needless to say our prayers were answered and Jiff returned home to us all safely. (Funny how he missed the big move... punk!)

Chris supporting world peace!
Late Winter 2010 001

We always take "kid photos" in front of the tree. Everyone is so tall and I am always shoved in the front. I thought John would be there with me for a while, but he's in the back now too.
Late Winter 2010 009

And the parents! Mom's arm is getting better (since she shattered her wrist) and is now in physical therapy. My brothers are a lot of fun and they crack Jonathan and I up when we are all together.
Late Winter 2010 005

We are so thankful to have Chris back on American soil and I am grateful to the men and women that sacrifice their lives and time to give us freedom.

Life Lesson Learned

Almost two weeks have passed since we moved into the new home and not a lot has changed. We have begun our journey painting trim. Remember when I was convinced it was going to be this great project? Midway through the first space I asked Jonathan how much people pay to have it done... boy did I hear it! I thought it would be fun, but we both work and I am exhausted by the time we get home to do this for weeks on end. I don't think he will let me hire anyone since I convinced him WE could do it to begin with... I am eating those words now!

Jonathan is putting up one of the two colors we picked to test in the kitchen. He is not a fan of the yellow so we are going for the "green look" we used in Mobile, AL before we moved. I am not sure how I feel about it. He loves the bold and dark colors and I am uber cautious when it comes to wall color (at least for our place).
New House 001

I love the color on the left. It's called Carribean Sunrise from Behr, but I'll bet y'all we end up going with tan... at least we agree and no risks are taken!
New House 004

I was so proud that Jonathan and I did the main bathroom and master closet in one night. It was a team effort until my sweet husband left an hour into it and went to bed. He had a headache and helped me anyways (this is where you say "awwww")
New House 010

Then reality kicks in and he saw where I painted over the tape. He pulled it up and paint came of with it. I thought I heard somewhere that you should pull up the tape when the paint was a little wet, but we forgot or I didn't think about it when I went to bed! I tried to play it off and ask Jonathan what he did to it. GOSH! Sooo see below to what we found...
New House 011

Have I mentioned that parents are smart? They are smart for a reason. Our parents have had to learn these things and are better people for it. Then they give us great gifts like this book to help us avoid such mistakes and we don't even consult it. The Book of Home Improvement was a gift from my Mom and Dad this past Christmas. Ask my husband about my love affair for practical gifts... I adore them! I need to apologize to you Dad that I didn't consult it before painting. As you always say and will continue to say to me, "life lesson learned Katie." (used to crack my girlfriends up in college when I messed up and quoted my Dad)
New House 012

Until next time!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Home Sweet Work

It has been a little over a week since we moved into our new house. We had an army to move us in and within the course of the day we were home. My Dad, Mom, two brothers, Mother-in-law, four friends, plus "Team Nelson" were able to get the job done. I took off the Friday after we closed and moved our clothes, lamps, and artwork (anything I didn't want dropped or dented) into our new home. It was freezing out and on top of it I had cold misty rain.

We have purchased a few paint samples and picked up plenty of tape, brushes, and Tylenol to get us through the next few weeks! I may be writing about the benefits of hiring someone to paint trim, but with a strict budget and no funds to do anything during "school nights" why shouldn't we give it a go? I keep telling Jonathan, "wouldn't it be fun to stay in, listen to music, eat pizza, and paint." Mostly the response I get is, "real fun." I'll ignore his sarcasm.

Late Winter 2010 022
The selling agent didn't leave us a sold sign, so I made one! Jonathan helped me color it in, but only if I held it in the picture. He must really love me when I asked him to do this one day after work.

Late Winter 2010 032
Kitchen looking into the dining room

Late Winter 2010 033
Foyer looking into dining room

Late Winter 2010 023
Kitchen, we are working on how to save or Craig's list for stainless steel appliances. Anybody on here interested? I'll give you a discount if you mention my blog!

Late Winter 2010 025
Kitchen, but on the other side is my new kitchen table, but I will show you on another blog. Big plans for decorating... stay tuned!

Late Winter 2010 026
Master... we bought the furniture after we got married and this is the first time all our pieces fit in one room. It was like reuniting a family.

Late Winter 2010 027
Other side of room, look where the bed is wrinkled because Dax likes to rub on the side of the beds. No white linens for this house

Late Winter 2010 028
Master bath

Late Winter 2010 029
This is to the left when you walk in the bathroom and our closet is on the right

Late Winter 2010 030
Say hi to Jonathan! He is in the den watching HBO... oh how we have missed normal tv! We are changing this paint color. I am going lighter with some advice from a friend.

Late Winter 2010 031
It took eight people and moving furniture three times to figure out how to arrange the den. I like it now; frames the fireplace and tv. That works with most designer styles, right?

Late Winter 2010 034
Guest bedroom number 1... we will get artwork up once we paint

Late Winter 2010 036
Guest bath

Late Winter 2010 037
The room I don't even want to talk about, the second guest room. This was my stubborn attempt to convince my father-in-law that a queen mattress would fit in a double bed frame. I was wrong and measured the width and not the length... I didn't think about it. We are leaving it alone right now.

Late Winter 2010 038
See, I left the mattress up because I don't want to deal with this. Maybe next week and next post I would have done something.