Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome people!

Let the blogging commence! I am officially on this thing, but I have no idea how I want the layout to look, how to post pictures, or really anything for that matter. I completely look like a creeper on my blog because I cannot figure out how to upload pictures. (Excuse me while you witness my work in progress) But none the less here's what's going on...

Jonathan (= BFF+ spouse 4 life!) and I just sold our home in Mobile. It has been on the market a couple of months and we received multiple offers. Needless to say this economy stinks and people are ruthless. Just because some people are in foreclosure doesn't mean you are doing ME a favor by low-balling your offer. I wish I could have yelled at them and say, "gimme your best, because we are going to sit on this ALL night if we have to!" Inevitably we had to lower the price and contestant number four offer was one to negotiate.

Enjoy the pictures of our first home. It was really sad to leave and say good bye, but new jobs and fun-filled future awaits us in Birmingham.

Front room of house

One angle of L-shaped kitchen

First bedroom

Second bedroom

View from front door to bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen

Guest Bathroom

Master bedroom looking at masterbath door

Master bathroom

Back deck