Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh My Love Affair

First, I am not having an affair affair, but my husband knows I have a second love... Chocolate! I know many many women have this affair. You know, when you walk by the cookie store in the mall and they just made your favorite chocolate chip... or when you are checking out in the grocery line and you glimpse the gold wrapper of a Twix... or better yet, you visit your parents house over the weekend and you mom has made a chocolate mousse pie! Mmmm mmm

I have been having dreams about chocolate. Before you think I am crazy let me tell you why. I am Catholic (born and raised) and each year for Lent I attempt try  fail when it comes to sacrificing something. I am not going to preach or say why you should do what I am attempting, but I decided as an adult I need to learn and understand self-control... I have found I am composed with very little.

I decide to axe all sweets this year. This means no cokes, Starbucks, desserts from the test kitchen at work, and especially no chocolate! I fully understand why diets fail and people binge on something they are not suppose to have... it only makes you want it more! I have dreams about brownies (and even made some if hopes that the smell would die down the craving) instead... I am stuck with a ton of brownies that only Jonathan can eat. (And whose to blame him as he divulges right in front of me.)

 How many weeks until Easter???? Our sweet neighbors from across the street sent their 9 and 5 year old to give us a house warming gift... the 9 year old little angel came bringing Girl Scout cookies! I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time when Jonathan ate the entire BOX (yeah, the entire box) to "help" me not be tempted. He smelled of Tagalongs all night and I told him he was the devil... hahaha not really, but he got a kick out of taking the box everywhere with him! Cruel, so cruel...

I want to eat my computer with these bad boys! Mmmm mmm... good food styling. I am digging the colors! (complements of EastBayMom)

Pie pie pie... with Hersheys! I bet those Hersheys would be event better shaved all over the top of this one. I feel gross and my mouth is watering. TMI? (complements of Taste of Home)

Did you know there is a website called brownies.com? NOT FAIR! I didn't even know about this until I started this thing... I am sad. Really sad.

When I post at Easter I am sure it will be a disgusting reveal of me binge eating and then getting sick. All for my love affair with chocolates. Let's look on the bright side... this is going to be very beneficial when swim season comes and maybe, just maybe I will learn to say no to sweets. Ha! Probably not!


  1. Good luck Katie! I may be contemplating the same...my sweet tooth is relentless...my cravings are peanut butter girl scout cookies & french macaroons!

  2. This post just made me so hungry! Good luck with the no sweets thing. I don't know if I could do it.

  3. this does not sound like a fun diet :(


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