Sunday, March 21, 2010

Run Dax Run

Hello readers! I sit here this Sunday evening with pictures hung, laundry done, a clean house, full stomach, and a content heart. Our painters came back this Saturday morning to finish up and make sure everything had dried well and I was full of glee to see how thorough they were with their work. (Insert sigh and smile here)

Once they left and I danced from room to room. After the celebrations ended Jonathan and I went to grab some lunch and take our best buddy, Dax, to the park. I don't know who was smiling more... us or him, but Jonathan and I had the truck windows down and enjoyed the 68 degree Alabama weather.

Our weekend 001

We got a little lost trying to get the to park near our house. I know we didn't have a lot to do, but getting lost or not knowing where I am really bugs me. I wasn't saying a word and Jonathan was like, "what's wrong" or "we'll find it" and "are you going to let this misadventure ruin our day?" I know I was acting like a baby, but the control freak in me does not even have an emergency chill button. Sorry, wasn't part of my DNA, but I got over it quickly. I hate it when I realize I am being Debbie Downer especially when Jonathan points it out. Does y'alls spouses do that?

Our weekend 003

If you have a lab you know they will fetch until you physically take the object away from them. This is no exception with Dax. He is trained and can dove hunt with my husband. Unfortunately, Dax loves to swim so much he makes a very lousy duck companion because he would rather swim circles around the boat than retrieve birds. Dear Dax, if we depended on you to help us get food we would starve!

Our weekend 014

Our weekend 021

Yes, what you just saw was our tired companion relaxing in the biggest (and only) mud puddle in the entire park. I wish someone was able to capture our faces as we went to explore and started yelling, grab him, what the -, awww no! Dax is such a punk and knew what he was about to do. He ran to the puddle, turned and faced us, and then laid down... we started laughing even harder and realized how pitiful all three of us looked. Cars drove by and others at the park were cracking up too. Jeez Louise!

The rest of the weekend was filled with chores, putting our home back together, plus dinner with my mom and brother Satruday night. Tonight I made chicken spectacular, which is a caserole recipe given to me from my friend Simone. It is easy, very rich, and Jonathan ate so much I thought he was going to pop.

Our weekend 033

Our weekend 035

Our weekend 036

Dax loves to help me in the kitchen. Basically he sits and waits for me to drop anything, but I like to think he's there because I am his favorite. I don't mind him sitting in the middle of where I am trying to work, but when he sleeps and spreads out, I end up having to step over him the entire time! (Geez Dax don't let me get in your way) I love it when he's in there and it's nice to have company when I am making a mess.

Our weekend 038

Our weekend 040

Our dish was wonderful (I may adjust one or two things for next time) like chopping the onion finer and adding some more rice, but otherwise it will be adding into the dinner rotation. The dinner ended with some cinnamon peaches and me trying to toss grapes into Jonathan's mouth from across the table. Most of them missed due to my terrible aim, but I loved hitting him in the face with a few he missed! So much for trying to be grown ups, but we have the rest of our lives to do just that.

Hope your weekend was wonderful and have a fantastic Monday!

Chicken Spectacular 

1 ½ lbs chicken – cook and shred
½ - ¾ small onion finely chopped (if you want you can sauté a little prior to adding, not necessary)
2 cans French style green beans – drained
1 cup mayo – I use light
1 4 oz jar pimentos – drain if needed
1 can cream of celery soup
about 2 cups cheddar cheese (I use 2%)

1 box of Uncle Ben’s long grain/wild rice original recipe (I get the quick cook kind).
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook rice according to directions on box. It doesn’t matter if it still a little watery. I will keep the casserole from drying out. Mix together everything except 1 cup of cheese. Put in a lightly greased 9 x 13 pan. Cook at 350 for about 40 minutes or until bubbly. Top with remaining cheese and cook until cheese is melted. It makes a ton!


  1. i was afraid you didn't post the recipe... i kept scrolling and wall-ah! yay! i am so going to cook this. sounds great and super easy. you had an awesomely productive weekend and have a super cute doggie.

  2. I heart you and your "control freak" tendencies =)

  3. your posts totally crack me up girl. Oh and I had no idea what I was doing during the wine tasting. I asked our friends before we went in what to do so I didn't look stupid!

  4. Your blog is so cute! Thanks for coming by mine today! I appreciate the visit!

    I love your dog and am excited for you and the projects you're doing with your house. We just completed finishing our basement. What a relief!

  5. Oh that foods looks so delicious! :) And your dog is so cute!

  6. thank you for the sweet comment about my store, so exciting to hear people enjoy it. Those peaches look amazing, I had to really study them to figure out what they were... how do you make them? And the chicken looks yummy too - and of course the pup, how I love labs!

  7. Yumm chicken spectacular sounds so delicious!

  8. Oh I forgot the peaches! It's a can of halved peaches, a little bit of syrup from can, sprinkle cinnamon, and I bake at 350 until they are warm. Super easy and Jonathan ate the rest with icecream :)


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