Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where the time goes?

You are about to witness a photo montage of where I have been the past two months. Not only have I been MIA from my computer but it seems my camera took a little break too. I have to admit I keep telling myself to get better about posting, but every time I push it off it seems I REALLY push it off. In a nutshell, I miss you and I am back.

Below are pictures from football and tailgates, weekends at the lake, visiting my in laws, my cousin's wedding in Oklahoma, etc. I only wish I had more images of Jonathan's South Dakota trip, my Kentucky journey, a few visits to Atlanta, so hopefully some of my girl friends will pass those along so I can post them for you this week. Things you will get see coming up will be new bathroom remodel, paintings and art, new front door from yours truly (with the help of my wonderful Dad and hubby), recipes, craft ideas, and much more.

Katie Bird is back baby!