Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Grand Weekend

I have been up since 4 am, which is why I decided to write. I have gotten a shower, made my lunch, got dressed and ready (not necessarily in that order) all because I couldn't sleep. I have a lot to catch up on in my office as we are approaching a deadline, but I can't head in just yet. So I am drinking my coffee, eating toast and catching up by posting to you!

Last weekend was Mardis Gras in Mobile, AL. My Mother-in-law belongs to an organization across the Bay and each year we attend her ball. I will not be posting pictures of the event (no incriminating photos here) but I did take some pictures of us Saturday afternoon. We are so lucky blessed that we are able to stay at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL. Normally we'd stay with my in-laws, but we comes down there with such a large group it's easier to crash at the hotel.

Our room faced the water and even though we left the snow in North Alabama we had a gourgeous view to meet our arrival.

I dont like to listen to the news (sorry peeps) but it's just too depressing and I can't help but think about other people's tragedies. For this reason I am not sure the last time we got snow like this...

So Friday night ball, Saturday morning brunch, lunch time massage (I rarely get these and the boys golfed), afternoon nap, and then more pictures before we went to dinner.
It was a lot of fun and a wonderful break to be here and not painting. I am really glad Jonathan made me spend more money and go all out. I am sure you can imagine I am the saver in our relationship. Not really because I appointed myself as the saver but because I think everyone takes on different roles when they are married. (That happens to be one of mine... sounds like fun doesn't it?) Regardless, we enjoyed ourselves immensely until we had to drive away. It was nice to return to a place that is ours.


  1. Your last picture looks like a post card. Your house looks so pretty in the snow!! Glad ya'll had a good weekend.

  2. sounds like a fun weekend! my husband and I decided to do one fun thing a month. Even though thats more out of the budget I think its good for our marriage. So stay the night in a fun hotel or a fun concert. Hope we can keep it up! Love your yellow jacket! Where is it from?

  3. definitely, keep it up! Last year, me & my fiance started doing something different every month, something we haven't done or tried together. But this year, we haven't been on the ball with this plan yet,this post reminded me we should!


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