Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Buddy

Jonathan is playing basketball right now, so I was able to grab some free time to post. I know most of you have your own blogs, but do you ever wonder what to write about? Sometimes I think I get these great ideas and then not-so-much. I am a really corny person (if you haven't figured out that already) so some of my posts get deleted because I want "web Katie" to come across cooler. I don't think it's working. (insert laugh here)

Anyways, since I had no one to talk to I asked Dax what I should write about. (so kidding) He was helpful and I decided to talk about him. Aren't you glad you visited today? haha

We got Dax at Ashland Kennel in Fort Valley, Georgia at the beginning of 2007. The experience was amazing! They post the parents that are breeding online and you can sign up based on who is expecting. Dax was born in November and then kennel would send out pictures the whole time he was growing and learning. We were the first to sign up, therefore got the pick of the litter.

This is probably my favorite picture of Dax. I think the other people who were waiting for this litter were a little irritated with us, because they had to wait until we chose our dog. We knew we wanted a male black lab and chose Dax out of his four brothers and three sisters.

Don't judge my hair in this picture since we had to leave Mobile super early and I let it go curly. Dax knew I was his mommy (at least I like to think so). And I think he knew from that moment he could get anything he wanted from me.

The lady at the kennel wanted to let all the other litters out so she let out about 20 puppies into the yard. I think Jonathan's ears hurt so bad from all my squealing and the lady's baby talking to the pups. It was awesome having that many pups around jumping on my jeans and wanting to be held. I wish we could have taken them all!

2007Pics 099
As you can see Dax goes everywhere with us!

2007 photos 131

2007 photos 139


New 2008 027

He is absolutely precious to us and a member of the family. Jonathan keeps saying when we have kids I won't like Dax as much... I don't see how that's possible! We have had him 3 and a half years and I have always wanted him around. I am sure things will change a little, but in the mean time Dax will continue to snooze on my feet and be my bed buddy when Jonathan's out of town!



  1. Umm, oh so precious, that first photo is a killer - makes you want to run out and get a puppy this very minute! What would we do without dogs?!

  2. I understand about not knowing what to write about, the best thing I read (can't remember where though, sorry) was just be yourself! People will be drawn to you and they will read your blog because they connect with you. By the way Dax was a gorgeous pup! So cute! He is a very good looking dog! Dogs are the best companions! xx

  3. such a sweet boy!! i know what you mean about the breeder's baby talk--it almost killed my husband! too bad :)

  4. We all have those days where we are a bit blank and lost for sure! And I always feel very un-cool if that is any consolation?
    Your pup is sooo cute, my pup's name is Dex! I have 2 little girls, but is still very much a family member!
    Have a fantastic week, I loved your post...

  5. Oh my goodness, so precious. And he's so handsome all grown up too! Very sweet. And I love the name!

  6. I'm absolutely puppy crazy right now so this post made my grin from ear-to-ear, Dax is so adorable as a puppy and all grown up!

  7. what a sweet doggie you have on your hands! he is so so cute! your hair in the pic (the one where you told us not to judge) is rockin. i love sportin' a head band with a pony or bun... it's how i channel my inner bohemian. : )

  8. Dax is So cute!! those puppy pics are so darn cute! um.. dog lover here.. I hardly ever talk about my puppy on my blog ... only once a day maybe!? =) Just hopping over from Julianna H. blog! I love gardenias too! he he! nice to meet ya!

    Jenn ~ Seizing My Day


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