Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here ye here ye! I am alive! Thank you for your sweet words and laughs with me as I slowly crawled out of that funk. I have been laughing with Jonathan about how miserable the past couple of days have been. I feel like a new woman y'all! The toilet brush SOS will go down in our book of, "weird things I do, but sound smart right now" list.

I thought in this post I would try and share a little more about myself and random tidbits that may help you understand my quirkiness.

1) I am the oldest of four children and have three awesome brothers... ages 23, 20, and 14. (Yes, 14 and he was the best surprise our family ever had!) With that being said, I have to filter the things I say. It's hard not to share everything when you grew up with all brothers!

2) My family moved around a bit (non-military) but I was primiarily raised in Southern Illinois. The coolest place we ever lived was Brasschaat, Belgium (1990-1992). We moved to North Alabama when I was 13 and I hated disliked the state for a very long time. (Can't say that now!)

3) My biggest fear is falling. I'm not afraid of heights as long as I know there's no way I can fall off something. Is that the same thing? I don't know, but gravity hurts either way.

4) I've attended private schools my entire life, except for college. I even went to a boarding school for highschool, but only lived there my freshman and sophomore years. I didn't do anything wrong, but my parents wanted us to have the same education they received. They sacrificed a lot for my brothers and me.

5) I went to Auburn University (where I met the hubs) and majored in marketing at the college of business. Why did I pick that major? This may seem dumb, but I liked that it was well-rounded. I still wonder what my dad thought when I told him I like having a well-rounded degree!

6) My guilty pleasure is watching Real Houswives. My favorite season was Orange County. Probably because it's so unreal for me to imagine that women like that in Alabama. I just love it.

7) Biggest flaw (because we all have them) is that I am impatient. I think everyone has to work on it, but I am anal and OCD. I like everything done my way and I do struggle when it comes to waiting on others. I am always battling with letting go of the small things, which is a real challenge for me.

8) Lastly, my husband and I have been together for five years and married for one and a half. He's my best friend. I mean, we can drive eachother crazy, but most of the time we are cutting up and being "chatty Kathy's". He's the bomb :)

Those are so random, but that's me in a nutshell. I hope to write tomorrow, but I am heading to a wedding in North Alabama in the afternoon. My parents are coming and I am sure they will get some pictures of Team Nelson and our awesome dance moves!

Summer 2009 008

Have a great Thursday!


  1. what a cute pic! i know what you mean about having young siblings - i have a 9 yr old sister and a 10 yr old brother! it was weird having a pregnant mom when i was 15! ha ha! have a great time at the wedding.

  2. Aw, I like this list! I am the oldest of five siblings, so I get it. Big families are the best, arent they?

  3. HA! I totally think we are peas in a pod with our "impatience" and not being able to wait on others. My husband's biggest complaint in me is that I always want things done right away when I want them matter what he is doing. Hey, if we didn't have flaws, we just wouldn't be human.


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