Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby names

Hey bloggers! First, we are not expecting (sorry to get your hopes up). Second, we are not planning. BUT do you ever ask your significant other about baby names they like? The other day, when I was being a "Chatty Kathy", I asked Jonathan about names. I love traditional names, but then I also like names that are unique. Well, here's how the convo went...

Me: What about Kennedy, for a girl?

J: mmm it's alright.

Me: What about Collette?

J: Ugh no, we're not French.

Me: What about Jane, for a girl?

J: Why Jane?

Me: Ummm it's my Nana's real name. We could call her Janie, but her name would be Mary Jane after both my grandmothers. I think it's perfect. She would be so cute with brown curly hair. I wonder what color eyes she would have... my hazel or your brown? Well, it doesn't matter... But I think she should have your skin coloring because you tan really great... and your hand-eye coordination... and...


J: Hey! Whatever happened to having a kid and letting it run around for a few days? You know, check out it's personality, tempermant, and see what it looks like.

Me: You know...Jonathan, it's a child, not a dog.


~then bursts of laughter!~

Okay y'all! Please tell me it is not Jonathan that thinks this way! (haha) We are not close to having children, but everyone I work with has such great names for their children. I stink at coming up with good names. Well, when that day comes I will take votes. Is that allowed when you are trying to name your child?

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. We talk about names that we like all the time. We aren't near being ready, but it is still fun! :D

  2. hahaha, that is so funny! It is fun to throw out random names. My husband and I do the same thing!

  3. i like jane... especially since it has so much meaning! and really, your child will end up being whatever you name it. i couldn't imagine my hunter with any other name. but if we had chosen a different name, i wouldn't be able to imagine him with any other name than the different name. okay, i don't think i'm explaining myself well. anyways... have fun dreaming about your future kiddies' names!!!

  4. I like some traditional names, but I really love more original and uncommon names. My two girls are Willow and Phoenix, and when I had them, those names were almost unheard of in my part of the world. Now I hear a few Phoenix's but still no willow's! Kennedy is really cute, and Kendall aswell..
    If you keep bringing up the subject, it might be funny to freak him out a little! hehe

  5. HA! That is too funny. I have lists of baby names I add to every once in a while. I like different names, not the ordinary, but at the same time I don't want my future child to have to spell out their name every time someone asks for it! NEither my husband or I go by our legal first name, and we will not do that to our child!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA - I love that I can totally hear y'all having this conversation as I read. I miss you two! Love!

  7. Oh, I still love talking about names. I'm crossing my fingers that I will find the Best Name Evah for my currently-in-the-belly niece or nephew. I take my "job" (ha!) pretty seriously!


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