Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Early Misery

Picture below was taken during better "itch-free" times. The statue below is Robert Wadlow, tallest man who ever lived reaching 8ft 11 inches. He was from my home town of Alton, IL.

Time: 4:00 am this morning
Problem: I cannot sleep...

Jonathan: Quit scratching.

Me: It really hurts.

Jonathan: Does it hurt or does it itch?

Me: both!!!!

Jonathan: What can I do to help?

Me: Nothing.

Jonathan: Want me to get you something?

Me: Like what?

Jonathan: I don't know, whatever you want. It's 4 am and we're both awake.

Me: (tears)

Jonathan: Katie, what's wrong?

Me: It's really hard to be mad at you when you are being so nice.

Jonathan: Why are you mad at me to begin with, it's 4 am?

Me: 'Cause I'm itching and you're not.

This weekend Jonathan and I learned something. We don't have fleas. We don't have any bugs, actually. We have poison ivy. Yeah, apparently neither of us have ever had it and during our online search the "bites" looked more like flea bites than anything else. We didn't even think about plants causing this much harm. I don't know where the source is coming from because the dog has been washed from head to toe multiple times. This is miserable, absolutely miserable.

I really appreciate your comments last post. It made me smile and it seems many of us would rather take pain versus itching. I'm at that point.


  1. ugh!! horrible! i hope it stops soon :)

  2. Not fun at all! Jack gave me poison ivy and poison oak last month. He played outside and then I would pet him when he came in. Sometimes it can take several days to show up. So you may have gotten it before Dax got his bath. I did a lot of research on this - so let me know if you have any questions! I hope you get better soon! I ended up going to the doctor and getting a shot and medicine - I think it helped!

  3. ar least poison ivy doesn't plant itself all over your house like the fleas would have! i'm so sorry for all of that itching! hope you get some relief! that man is gigantic!

  4. Oh my gosh- hope you're better soon!

  5. Oh man, itching is the worst! It is truly a slow form of torture. Hope you feel better soon!


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