Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It may have been the worst ever!

Hey bloggers! I am writing this post while laughing, because I think I may have made the worst meal on the planet!!! I enjoy cooking, but I feel my strengths fall under the baking category. I never thought it would be possible to be bad at crockpotting or crockpot-cooking??

Sunday night I decided I was going to use the crockpot. Usually I will find a roast or tenderloin and toss a few vegetables or potatoes in the mix. It usually turns out great, but the other night was my first experience trying to make this chicken and dumpling dinner called Chicken Paprikash. Basically, I found a cookbook that came with the crockpot and I decided to make that recipe because it called for ingredients I had in the house. I cooked the chicken as directed and once that was in the paprika and red pepper sauce I added the dumplings.

I ended up creating red speckled chicken with dumplings that looked like lumpy brains. I got the plates ready and called Jonathan into the dining room. All he said was, "ahhhhh, what's this called?" I told him and placed some corn on the plated and we began eating. I take that back, we tried to eat. He was devouring the corn and when he got up to get a drink and wash down the chicken I asked for him to grab the ketchup while he was. I squeezed it all over my chicken and as I looked up at him we started laughing. Y'all we laughed so hard we were in tears! It tasted like crap and was the worst thing I have tried!! What a waste!! At least we had desert for dinner and who can complain about that?
So since you just got a little grossed out by looked at our ruined dinner, I have some happy news we finally have window treatments in our master bedroom! {Can I get a hip hip hooray!?!} These are the first of many that we will have in the house and I am so pleased with the results. Check out the before and ignore my messy bed...
Thanks to some ecru grommet panels I bought on Amazon and my mother-in-law sewing an additional 10 inches of fabric on the bottom we have new panels. I would also like to give the hubs a shout out for taking his time measuring, leveling and drilling my rods into the wall, even if he broke the drill bit in the wall. {hehe}
And here is what the bottom looks like...
I am so happy with the way they turned out and it has motivated me to get a jump on the rest of the house. Do you think floor to ceiling drapes would look okay in every room of the house? What about a kitchen? I am open to suggestions and welcome all input!

I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of your week and may you dinner be better than ours!


  1. Your new curtains look great, I love the colour and the panel at the bottom! It totally makes up for that 'slightly scary' looking crockpot!! You poor love, don't you hate when it doesn't turn out quite right?? At least you could have a good laugh together about it...
    :) Flick

  2. They look GREAT! I love window treatments...we are currently trying to decide on some--so lucky you have someone to make them...that is the expensive part!

  3. Wow does that "chicken" look scary! I'm sorry to hear about your dinner disaster, but the curtains do look really good!

  4. What a shame about your dinner - lucky you had dessert - I had a bit of a cooking disaster yesterday when I put self raising flour instead of plain flour into a cake I was baking - it ended up super-high :) Love your new window treatments - they really look great and I love the panel at the bottom.

  5. I have dinner mess-us all the time!!! My husband is sweet and never complains...I always say "just be honest!" hehe.
    The bedroom looks SO good!!

  6. So funny! That is how my hubby is... laughing is WAY better than crying!! ha ha!

    Love the curtains! can't say I would do floor to ceiling in the kitchen!?? =)

  7. Hey Katie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!:)
    This post made me laugh out loud! SOO funny! Reminded me of a time when I tried to make some fancy dinner right after my hubs and I got married. Ee both took one bite, and off it went down the disposal! Your bedroom looks awesome too! Can't wait to read more of your blog!;)

  8. wow that looks great! love floor-length curtains like that!

    poor newlywed hubbies...mine has been subjected to quite a bit of gross too. haha! oh well...makes for stories later in life!


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