Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday morning treasure

Happy Monday bloggers! This weekend was amazing and the hubs and I were able to spend time at home (getting a much needed honey-do list completed) and visiting with my family. I used to love being busy and traveling, but now I am longing for more weekends when I can "play" in the house and really make our house a home.

The picture shown above is of a bench my friend Kristen discovered this weekend. I had just gotten out of the shower from working in the yard, when my phone rang. "You will not believe this! I am looking at a wicker bench for $5.00!!" I was sold sight-unseen and she came right over to my house to get me. She found a 4-poster bed so we hopped in my husband's truck to return and gather our treasures. Needless to say, we were "amateur movers" as we placed all the goods in the back of the truck bed. No straps, no blankets, nothing to secure the goods down as I drove 20 mph to get them home! There was a lot of bouncing as we drove up a few hills and we both were laughing hysterically when we thought about what would happen if the stuff went flying out!

I plan to clean, repair, and paint the bench. I was thinking about painting it espresso and adding a bold patterned cushion or two large pillows. I am not sure which one I will go with, but I will need to buy enough fabric to pair with more pieces to go in the sunroom. What do you think about these four options from
Let me know what you think about options 1-4 and I hope y'all have a great Monday!


  1. so cute!! what great ideas :) i love summer time garage sales.

  2. I LOVE pattern #1!! def my fave!!

  3. What a great buy! Your bench is going to look great! My favourites are 3 & 4! You could use a couple of them together to mix and match patterns! xx

  4. What a BARGAIN! I love no. 1 fabric.

  5. what an awesome find!!! my pick is #2 and #3...i think you could use both patterns in a room to really spice it up:-)

  6. Man you always find the good deals. I vote for #1 and #2 is my next favorite but may be too busy depending on the room. I can't wait to see pics of the finished products.


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