Friday, May 28, 2010

The bites

Hey people! You know when someone says, "smell this, it's gross" or "look at this it's disgusting" you will look/smell just to bare witness to the grossness? Well, I have a story (no pictures) that will make you laugh or feel my pain.

Last week I noticed a few (like 10) bug bite marks on my legs. They itch really bad and won't go away. I have been complaining to Jonathan for days about these bites and instead of getting better they get worse and worse! I think I have subconsciously been itching in my sleep. Well, days after mine started Jonathan had a couple bites on his hands. Weird, huh? You will not believe what they are... flea bites!

Did you know that humans can get bitten by these cruel bugs? We have been working on our horrendous back yard and poor Dax has been eaten up by the little monsters. I was so mad that Jonathan didn't have as many bites as me. I am basically saying, "If I have 10 bites all over my legs, you should have just as many." The difference is Jonathan pets Dax and I hug all over the little buddy. Hence why I am all eaten up and Jonathan goes unscathed.

You can imagine neat freak Katie running around the house cleaning, scrubbing, disinfecting, and hosing down the house. The great news is there is nothing in the house (I love you hardwoods) and the source has been flea dipped. Phew!

What makes me even more annoyed is Jonathan's bites are all healed and my still itch like crazy and it's been a whole week. I have shown my friends at work and they have all said the same thing... that it looks gross and to stop itching. I can't help but scratch and nothing seems to relieve my pain but ice packs and cold showers. Any home remedies or ideas would be soooo helpful as this is the most annoying itch I have ever felt in my life. Of course, with my luck, this would happen to me during dress and shorts weather.

Scratchfully yours,


  1. Oh Katie!!! That is horrible! ...(and humorous at the same time;))
    I have been waking up with mosquito bites and any sort of itchy bumps are not fun at all! They are quite aggravating. Oh dear...hope you are itch free soon:D LOVE your blog header!

  2. Yowza! So no fun, I am the worst with things that itch - I will scratch it till it bleeds and then probably scratch some more... I have no remedies aside from time, I wish I could be more helpful!

  3. OMG I feel your pain. As a child I must have been allergic to fleas. We couldn't have any outdoor animals because my legs would be covered and I would scratch them until they swelled up and even sometimes bled. It was AWFUL. However, NOBODY else in my house ever got bit. I remember my Mom getting mad at me for scratching them. She would try and put cream on them but I would still scratch. Hang in there!!

  4. ugh! fleas are such a pain!! I feel you, girl!

  5. oh man! fleas are the worst... they are so hard to get rid of! i'm so sorry you are reaping their benefits. hope they flee your house asap! ; )

  6. Arghh, so annoying. Calamine lotion should do the trick (maybe) :-)

  7. Oh Katie! I am laughing and feeling your pain all at the same time, you poor thing! Fleas creep me out, and I would have done the 'crazed house clean' just like you... If it's any consolation, I am itching like crazy right this second, because I got sunburnt in Bali, and now I am being punished!! My tip for bites is 'Tea-tree oil', it can sting a little if you have scratched the skin off, but it really does help.. hope you are feeling better soon.
    :) Flick


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