Monday, June 14, 2010

A Great Time, but Glad to be Home

I am back after four days and three nights in Vegas! I worked and played, which was a tough combination. The World Tea Expo Friday through Sunday at the Las Vegas Convention Center and we worked it ALL day on Friday. I met so many people and learned a lot about tea, it's origin, and gained insight on where the tea industry is headed. I tasted quite a variety of blends and discovered more about my tea palette. I will say that I am officially not a fan of Oolong teas, {traditional Chinese tea} but tend to favor sweeter and fruitier teas.
I attended the Expo with the editor of TeaTime and my friend Simone. I was really pumped about the samples people gave out and even received a cd with tea music! I am not sure what is played for tea music, but maybe it's a ceremonial cd. {Should be interesting too} I wore flats the entire weekend, but my feet and calves have not been this sore in a while. {Maybe this is a sign I need to work out more.} As you can see, I was able to get some press passes! I really wanted to get some photos and told the guy in the press area that I was with the magazine. He generously handed Simone and I a pass and told us to get him if we needed anything. The only thing I had to do was ask permission of the vendors if I could take their picture or photograph their booths. I didn't take too many, since I was there for work, but managed a couple decent ones from the Expo.

There were so many types and blends of teas out there. One company even had children's tea where they added jelly beans to the leaves and they disolved when steeped in hot water. Some new blends of tea could even be used as a base for soup, because they had a savory undertone. And to think my Southern friends, there's more out there than sweet tea!
We stayed in Paris, which was pretty much in the center of the Las Vegas strip. Since the Expo didn't open until 11 each day we were up pretty early and able to get some sight-seeing done. My body was stuck on CST, which meant I was up at 6am everyday. The great part about that was it made for cool mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee while walking around. Above is us outside watching the Bellagio water show and grabbing a snack. As we sat outside I enjoyed people watching so much. What is it about Vegas that makes tourists go nuts and act totally different?

Okay, I didn't see a show while I was there... instead we went shopping our last night! The picture above is us at Burberry in Caesar's Palace. Simone and I found sunglasses that we had to get. I sent Jonathan a text (because I NEVER spend money) to make sure he was cool with the pricetag. I think he was more pumped about me getting them than I was about them. His words: "You never want to spend money! You have to get them!"

I also did not know that they design casino's in a way that makes it nearly impossible to get out. We were trapped in Caesar's Palace and the Bellagio for what seemed like hours. I think this is why my legs hurt so bad because everytime we turned a corner we realized we missed the right turn and had to back track. There were so many beautiful things to look at while we were lost and then we found the Bellagio Conservatory! If you haven't been there it is probably one of the most beautiful places I have seen. The flowers are gorgeous and I understood why it was so crowded and so many of us were snapping pictures!

I had a great time and was so thankful Simone gave me the tour of the town. If I can remember correctly we went to the Bellagio, New York New York, Monte Carlo, Caesar's Palace, The Palms, Wynn, and maybe more (I can't remember!!)

I hope y'all had a great weekend too and stayed cool. It was insane how much humidity accumulated in Alabama while I was away, but I am glad to be back home.


  1. wow, i bet it was hot out there!! one of my favorite places. my husband is going for a bachelor party in a few weeks...yikes! haha. glad you had a good time, what a fun experience!

  2. Wow Katie, it sounds like you had a great time! You took some fantastic photos and I love your top that you wore on your last night out shopping. Very pretty! xx

  3. this sounds like too much fun! i love me some tea! you are so adorable - the pics are great!

  4. Hi Katie! Sounds like so much fun. I think I would have been in heaven at the tea expo:) What a nice work trip!
    Thanks for sharing!- And you look fabulous in your pics;)

  5. Aw looks like a fun trip- my girlfriends are planning a Vegas trip for fall!

  6. That looks like you had a great time! what a good wrap up too!


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