Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life Lesson Learned

Almost two weeks have passed since we moved into the new home and not a lot has changed. We have begun our journey painting trim. Remember when I was convinced it was going to be this great project? Midway through the first space I asked Jonathan how much people pay to have it done... boy did I hear it! I thought it would be fun, but we both work and I am exhausted by the time we get home to do this for weeks on end. I don't think he will let me hire anyone since I convinced him WE could do it to begin with... I am eating those words now!

Jonathan is putting up one of the two colors we picked to test in the kitchen. He is not a fan of the yellow so we are going for the "green look" we used in Mobile, AL before we moved. I am not sure how I feel about it. He loves the bold and dark colors and I am uber cautious when it comes to wall color (at least for our place).
New House 001

I love the color on the left. It's called Carribean Sunrise from Behr, but I'll bet y'all we end up going with tan... at least we agree and no risks are taken!
New House 004

I was so proud that Jonathan and I did the main bathroom and master closet in one night. It was a team effort until my sweet husband left an hour into it and went to bed. He had a headache and helped me anyways (this is where you say "awwww")
New House 010

Then reality kicks in and he saw where I painted over the tape. He pulled it up and paint came of with it. I thought I heard somewhere that you should pull up the tape when the paint was a little wet, but we forgot or I didn't think about it when I went to bed! I tried to play it off and ask Jonathan what he did to it. GOSH! Sooo see below to what we found...
New House 011

Have I mentioned that parents are smart? They are smart for a reason. Our parents have had to learn these things and are better people for it. Then they give us great gifts like this book to help us avoid such mistakes and we don't even consult it. The Book of Home Improvement was a gift from my Mom and Dad this past Christmas. Ask my husband about my love affair for practical gifts... I adore them! I need to apologize to you Dad that I didn't consult it before painting. As you always say and will continue to say to me, "life lesson learned Katie." (used to crack my girlfriends up in college when I messed up and quoted my Dad)
New House 012

Until next time!


  1. what a bummer! I feel like I've found a new friend since we are both updating our houses! have a great day!

  2. You'll learn a lot about each other painting a house. It may strengthen or break ur relationship LOL My fiancee & I almost broke up when we were painting my old cottage. Hang in there!


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