Thursday, February 11, 2010


My family knows this story, but I am sharing it with those who will learn a little more about me. I have three younger, talented, and taller (than me) brothers. Chris is a year and nine months younger than me and just got back from Afghanistan and we celebrated Christmas in February with him. I guess you could say we put the Chris back in Christmas! I was pumped to insert that joke.

The reason I titled this post Jiffer was when we were growing up I could not say Christopher. Instead I called Chris, Jiffer. It has been shortened to Jiff over the years and my aunts still call him this. Needless to say our prayers were answered and Jiff returned home to us all safely. (Funny how he missed the big move... punk!)

Chris supporting world peace!
Late Winter 2010 001

We always take "kid photos" in front of the tree. Everyone is so tall and I am always shoved in the front. I thought John would be there with me for a while, but he's in the back now too.
Late Winter 2010 009

And the parents! Mom's arm is getting better (since she shattered her wrist) and is now in physical therapy. My brothers are a lot of fun and they crack Jonathan and I up when we are all together.
Late Winter 2010 005

We are so thankful to have Chris back on American soil and I am grateful to the men and women that sacrifice their lives and time to give us freedom.


  1. Welcome back Chris! Adorable family...but wait, Mom is in physical therapy? Tell her, be religious with her visits, Remember I'm a PT, too, she can shoot me a question anytime!:)

  2. yeah, I totally agree! definitely easy to make those yourself ;)

  3. Aw, what a sweet looking family you have!


  4. she sure did! I used to not believe in personal stylists, but now I do. So many people need help so that they aren't wasting their money on clothes they'll never wear :) Anyway, Love having you as a new friend! have a great day!


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