Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Tug on My Heart Strings

This will be a short post, but I wanted to share a story about my brother Jiffer. While Jiff was in Afghanistan my mom, friends, family, and work made an effort to make sure he received something from home each week. One of my mom's friend's has a child whose class sent letters and packages to him while he was away. When he returned they thought it would be special for the children to meet Chris and be able to ask questions. He got dressed up and fulfilled his role as one of our many American heroes.

Momma looks like the doting mother!

Chris is very humble about his achievements. He also said he felt like Santa with the children sitting around him in the rocking chair. He also mentions how scared they were to ask him questions (maybe it's the uniform little brother!)

Now this part really pulls on my heart strings. The friend of my mom made a few phone calls and had a gift for Jiffer. She knows our family are BIG Auburn peeps (since Jiff, Jonathan, and I graduated from there, middle bro Thomas is a sophomore, and little John John thinks that is the only place you can go) was able to get an autographed football for Jiff from the head coach, Gene Chizik. My mom and brother were speechless as the class presented the football to him. I think the thoughtfulness and gratitude that parents and teachers are showing the military is a priceless gift to their children. No one in this class knows Jiff or our family, but they know the sacrfices made and supporting a fellow American. I need to be more concious of this each day.

A proud sister!

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  1. haha! I love organizting! Makes my day. I used to use a daily planner until i got my iphone. I love the calendar bc I don't have to worry about using white out on my calendar!


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