Thursday, December 23, 2010

While I was out

Hey sweet bloggers! I am at my parents writing this post with my left foot propped and taped up. I went to deliver some Christmas goodies to a few neighbors this afternoon and had a little slip. I was hoping to take care of my bagged goodies before everyone was busy with Christmas gatherings. No one was at the last house, so I left the bag on their porch, and as I turned to leave I slipped on some leaves and fell back (and down) six concrete stairs.

I started laughing as I am sure it was hysterical to watch. My gladiator sandal (dang things have no stability) broke, my tush took a lot of the fall, but more than anything I can't figure out what happened to my left foot/toe that is throbbing in pain. Once I grabbed my sandals (and what was left of my dignity) I hobbled back over to my house to cry and assess the damage. Even when adults get hurt they want someone to ask if they are okay and see what they need. So I called the spouse in between tears and laughter telling him the story and that my foot really hurt. I hate to say it, but it totally took the cheer our of my holiday mood. (Dang those stairs!)

So here I am. Grouchy, and trying to muster a little bit of my hurt pride to give you a great holiday recipe. I cannot take credit for this one as it happens to be from a fellow blogger who graduated from Auburn a few years before me. If you have never read Darby's blog at Fly Throught Our Window I suggest popping on over. She's hysterical, crafty, and has the cutest little children I have ever seen!

::Honey Butter::
2 sticks unsalted butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup honey
2 tsp ground cinnamon

Soften butter and mix all ingredients in an electric mixer. It tastes amazing on big fluffy buttermilk biscuits or your wheat toast in the morning. This needs to be refridgerated, because it is butter, but you can totally dress it up to give as gifts during the holiday season.

I doubled the recipe and bought a pack of four medium mason jars from Target at $4.00. I had some leftover red and white polka dot fabric that I cut in squares and used some jute string that I keep on hand for projects like this. Super easy and sooooo delicious that I can guarantee you will have a hard time not trying to eat it out of their containers. Th eprecious gift tags were purchased from my friend Jessica at Empress Stationery... love them to pieces I almost wanted to save them!

Only a few more days 'til Christmas ladies!


  1. these are absolutely adorable and so up my alley! sorry to hear about your foot and your fall...i totally would have laughed at myself then gone and cried about it. you're right, we may be grown ups, but we still need a little TLC :) Merry Christmas!

  2. You poor thing. I completely understand, I have done this myself. Hope you mend and are able to have fun over the festive season. Some great recipes, the toffee from a previous post looks divine. Best wishes to you and yours for a memorable Christmas. Thank you for some great posts and your lovely comments this year.
    Rebecca xo

  3. Oh no!!! I hate falling, and I totally cry my eyes out, too! Last year, i wore some 4" ridiculous heels to work and busted my rear end in the parking lot, in front of everyone. I tried so hard to fight back the tears, but as soon as everyone pulled out and i was alone in the car, i CRIED LIKE A BABY!!! and my butt hurt, too!

    I love the jars and the tags. I'm headed to empressstationary now! Those are gorgeous and i want them for next year!

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    I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season. Happy 2011, and I’ll see ya around at “A Professor’s Wife”!
    -Stephanie S.


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