Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bird Sighting: For the Holidays

Seasons Greetings and a little more from the Bird Sighting! I thought these bird holiday items were awesome and seriously think I may get the bird wrapping paper next year. Do you like uniform wrapping or all mixed up? Hmmmm may have to stew on that one for a bit.

Natural Owl Bird Ornaments  {via}

Blue Bird Ornament {via}

Christmas Wrapping Paper 1 {via}
Christmas Wrapping Paper 2 {via}

Holiday Bird Card 1 {via}

Holiday Bird Card 2 {via}

I wish I could post more on my toffee recipes, but the last couple of batches have not turned out as planned. Candy thermometer or not, I have burned the bottom of my medium sauce pan trying to get the toffee to 310 degrees. This recipe requires patience and thankfully Jonathan says he loves the "smoked toffee flavor". Hate to break it to everyone, but the burnt taste only came so naturually with that batch. (teee heee)


  1. The natural "buri" ornaments are so huge this year! I've seen them everywhere - everything from birds to a moose :) I love 'em! The bird wrapping paper is gorgeous.

    Toffee that's a little toasted sounds great to me!

  2. I love those owls:-) I'm sure a little burnt flavor is good with the toffee!

  3. Cute pics! I get my mom a bird ornament almost every year. She's a bit obsessed with the feathered friends who come to my parents' bird feeder!

  4. I love decorating with birds!! they're so whimsical! :)

  5. So cute; I love the birds! I love the idea of uniform wrapping, however, it never happens in our house!

  6. LOVE the bird wrapping... LOVE it!! =)


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