Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Bark for your Birthday

Ho Ho Ho!!! I have felt like one of Santa’s helpers with as busy as I have been the past week. I have been raking tons of leaves and my four legged-friend was not very helpful as he crashed through each pile I made. (Thank you Dax)

Our Angel Tree Child’s gifts were due December 5th, which I thought was sooooo early compared to the past few years. Needless to say we had fun picking out sports books, toys, and clothes for our church Angel. I am going to confess an emotional moment I had this weekend. When I dropped off the packages at our church on Saturday I started crying as I walked out to the car. I was just so happy to think a little boy we sponsored will have a nice Christmas and how giving to those in need is what this time of year is all about. Sometimes it's hard to not get all wrapped up in your own gift giving, traveling, family events, and office parties when poverty, hunger, and the wintry cold do not cease for those less fortunate. I cried for a few minutes, said a small prayer, and got myself together while listening to Christmas songs on the radio. Please tell me I am not the only person who will get really emotional like that and sorta have a moment? (Sigh)

Tonight, we are finally decorating our Christmas tree. This is the fun part, where Jonathan and I drink White Russians, listen to Christmas carols, and have Elf on mute in the background. It’s a tradition we have created ever since we got married and it’s a blast!!
Lastly, I have to share my first treat of the season, which is a Chocolate Bark Recipe I made with my mom this weekend. It was her Birthday and what a better way to spend time together than making sweets for the holidays! I am making this recipe again because you only need four ingredients, a microwave, and a hammer :) (The above picture is us singing to her and laughing because I think the whole family is tone deaf except for her!)

The Chocolate Bark recipe is so easy! First, lightly spray a flat cookie sheet. Then melt your semi-sweet chocolate morsels in the microwave. Keep an eye on these because you do not want the chocolate to burn in the hot bowl. Once melted spread evenly on the sheet and let cool a few minutes.

 I know I said use a flat sheet, because we had a lot of trouble getting ours out of this pan. (FYI) Now, melt your Andes (or white chocolate mint morsels) in another bowl. We added another half bag of white chocolate morsels because we love it! Once heated add this layer to the top of the chocolate layer. Be careful because the chocolate may show through and smear if it's still warm.
Once the second layer has been applied we decided to make it a little more festive. We took the remaining half bag of white chocolate, melted it, and made stripes. (It looked a little to Pepto pink for our tastes)
I took the end of a spoon and made lines through the chocolate going back and forth down length of the pan. It makes this great swirl effect for the top layer. (Don't press too hard because your brown chocolate layer will come through). Finally, crush the soft peppermint sticks (this is where the hammer is helpful) and sprinkle over the warm chocolate.

Once this has cooled over a few hours (can be placed in fridge) begin to break the Bark apart! Voila... delish sweets your neighbors and friends will love. A special thanks to my mom for doing all the work, messing up her kitchen, dishes, and letting me take pictures (as well as add commentary). She's the best!


  1. What a lovely thing to do at Christmas Katie. I dont think youre alone in getting emotional - its good to remember others at this time of year, we all tend to get caught up in the festivities and forget those who need help. Thanks for the reminder. The bark looks delish! We dont have the peppermint crunch here. Enjoy your week.
    Rebecca x

  2. Do you need my address to get that peppermint bark in the mail to me? I know you really would like to get it off your hands, and, twist my arm, I guess I could be the recipient! yummmm eee.

  3. I sponsored a teenage boy from the Angel Tree this year and it was tough to pick items! :) But so happy to do it.

    That peppermint bark looks amazing!!

  4. Oh my goodness.. this is how long it has been since I visited!! how have I NEVER seen those Andes mint cooking chip things??? yum!! =)


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