Thursday, December 9, 2010

If I were a Wreath?

Hi sweet ladies! I hope you are having a great day and actually reading this post since my last one was fairly lengthy. Bless those who read all the way through! I was looking for some wreath inspirations and found some amazing finds. I hope you enjoy the pictures... and if you were a wreath which one would you be?

Leafy Wreath #1
Sweet Wreath #2

Breaking the Mold Wreath #3

Bubble Wreath #4

Natural Wreath #5
 Kiss Me Red Wreath #6

Glitz & Glam Wreath #7

Bowutiful Wreath #8
Happy picking!


  1. I'd be the last one (which I am so loving!!) x

  2. I am stuck between 1 and 5...loving the natural look with a little ribbon detail!

  3. Let's see...I think I would be #7 the glitz and glam. HAHA! WHo am I kidding that is the dream me. The square one is more me.

  4. I would DEF be wreath # 3! I love the square. great finds!

  5. Definitely the sweet wreath! But wait... no... maybe the bubble one. Or, maybe the Glitz & Glam one. Maybe a combo of all three? Those are all beautiful! :D

    Have a great weekend, hun! :D

  6. I like breaking the mold and bowtiful wreath, but that's just me...

  7. Thought it would be the candy wreath, as Im such a sweet tooth! But definitely the glitz & glam - being a farm girl, I love nothing more than dressing it up when I can. And I always read your blog right through!
    Rebecca x

  8. Oh goodness!! I love them all! I think I would pick 1, 6 or 8...if it were me. ;-)


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