Monday, October 18, 2010

What's been going on?

Hey bloggers,

Today I feel like it's been the first day I have looked up and realized October is almost over! Where did September go and what have I been doing? I have tried to recap what I have been up the past couple of months and nothing comes to mind. Pretty soon I will be in a heavy coat and preparing for the holiday season.
 Right now my wine rack is in the garage because it is moving to a new room... my kitchen. This rack has the coolest shape and in order to make more space in the dining room it needed to be painted black and sent to the kitchen. It should be dry soon enough so my wine will have a new home very soon. Pictures to come!

Last night our friends John and Lesley came over for dinner. I was in the mood for my mom's chicken and dumplings, soo I started cooking around one on Sunday, Amazingly it was delicious! I tried making it before, but somehow my dumplings were enormous and grew to the size of baseballs in the pot. How come no one tells you this will happen and to cut the dough really small?? (Another cooking experience that Jonathan and I will never forget.) It was great having them over for dinner and sitting down to some comfort food and fall decor. Lesley made this awesome salad with strawberries, mandarine oranges, sunflower seeds, and a raspberry vinaigrette. I popped in some crescent rolls for dinner and some banana nut bread for desert. We were all set!

Everyone was really sweet to eat with my new fall centerpiece on the table. I did it yesterday afternoon, so I was still excited to see it out. (Please note I don't actually have a table runner... it's burlap that I keep around the house. Best three bucks I ever spent!)
I will post the easy Chicken and Dumplings in a minute, but I want to let you know I am going to attempt to make real pies this year. I made the German Blueberry (summer) Pie with much success and would love to make a pecan and pumpkin this holiday season like my mom does every year. It is just one of those things that are on my list. (You know, the list you have in your head of all the things you want to try?) The ones above are an example of how good she is... I mean, who thinks to make fall themed dough cut outs for the top of the pie? Moms, they make everything better!

I will be out of town this week for work. Nothing like Vegas, but I will be in Atlanta attending a workshop for the day. Hope you enjoyed your weekend and I look forward to catching up on your blogs soon!

::Mom’s Chicken n’ Dumplings::

3-4 chicken breasts boiled (shred or cube)
4 cups of water boiled
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 Tbsp chicken bouillon
1 Tbsp Parsley flakes

Boil chicken breasts in water. Remove then once it's cooled shred or cube.
Turn down heat to a simmering boil.
Add bouillon and cream of chicken soup and blend until smooth consistency. (if you don't have these chicken broth works well)
Add parsley flakes and chicken.
*May add shredded carrots, celery, or mushrooms if desired.

Bisquick (Follow dumpling mix)
1⅔ C Bisquick
⅔ C milk

Dumpling Directions:
Mix in a bowl until a soft ball.
Dust table with Bisquick mix (or flour)
Turn ball out onto table.
Flatten by hand to < than ¼ inch thick.
Cut into squares. Separate slightly and dust with Bisquick.
Let dry slightly (½ hour)
Drop 8-10 at a time into pot with chicken. Let soften and sink, then add a few more.
Add the remainder of Bisquick from the table to thicken the broth.
Salt and pepper to taste.

I let mine stay on low for about 2.5 hours on the stove. You could do the same thing in the crockpot :)
Serves 8-10


  1. yum thanks for sharing!! i love your fall centerpieces...i wish we lived closer and could try pies out together...i love to bake!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a delicous and fun evening. The burlap looks great. Some beautiful food and wine - yum! Look forward to seeing the wine in its new home.
    Rebecca x

  3. I feel so old... ha ha... I make fall cut outs on top of my pumpkin pie!! but I learned the hard way to put them on after it has baked most of the way... ha ha!! I think I posted a picture a week or two ago.. b/c I made one for Canadian THanksgiving... since my wee family is half Canadian! =) I am SO excited to try your mom's dumplin recipe!! Your table looks fabulous for Fall!!

    ps I do love the attention we get for Merlin... sometimes it feels embarrassing b/c he is cute and it happens in overload!! Sunday was one of those overload days (in front of friends) ... ha ha!! =)


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