Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am baffled!

Last night the most bazaar thing happened. I figured you may not believe me so I took some pictures to show you. I was making lasagna and I pulled out my glass baking dish from the pantry (a cool dry place). I put it on the counter (no where near the stove) and went back to sautéing the meat. About five minutes later I hear a large "pop" sound and then a sprinkling noise like little pins where hitting the ground. The noise and shatter reminded me of a glass Christmas ornament breaking, but I had no idea where it came from.

I looked around behind and noticed my dish was in tact, but saw tiny shards of glass all over the floor. (Some had even managed to land in the dining room!) I promise that I stood there for a few minutes completely perplexed. I looked at the light bulbs, salt and pepper shakers, my vase until... I noticed the inside edge of the dish was missing a large chunk from around the inside rim. A part of my dish exploded!

I have read about this happening when baking dishes are weak and under extreme heat. Or when you take something very cold and put it in an oven or hot hot water. Still, this was on my counter and I have no idea how this happened or why it occurred. I did not think you would believe unless I showed you, but here it is...

The pieces came from the inside rim near the top of the handle. I am open to any explanations to why this may have happened because Jonathan and I can't figure it out. It was not near the dishwasher, nothing was inside or near it that was hot, the counter was clean, etc. The pieces inside were the largest I found on the floor and all the tiny ones are in my vacuum. I feel like I should call the company and tell them what happened, but I don't want them to send me another dish like this... I might be purchasing Corningware. 

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!
Totally confused,


  1. I have had that happen with the extremes... out of the dishwasher to a cold counter in winter ... which was weird to me... but I figured it was just cold in our house?? I have never seen it random like that?!! crazy!

  2. WOW! That is crazy. And scary! I hate cleaning up glass, especially tiny never feel like you get them all (now that I have freaked you out!)

  3. I would call the company - it may happen to someone when a child is nearby or who knows what other dangerous situations! Thank you for your lovely comment today. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Rebecca x


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