Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bird Sighting: Antique desk made new

Greetings readers,

I assumed most of you know that I named my blog after a childhood nickname, but you know how assumptions can be. My aunts and cousins called me Katie Bird and then shortened it to Bird over time. When I was little (who knows how old) I would open my mouth up like a little bird to eat. After I was finished my little tummy would be so full I suppose that I look like a plump bird, hence Katie Bird. Almost a year ago when I decided to create a blog the name became pretty useful and I added the "calling" for fun.

A few weeks ago I wanted to start "Bird Sighting". I thought it would be fun to include these randomly in my posts and show fun and unique bird items. What do you think?

My first bird sighting is from my friend and co-worker Robyn. She has this gorgeous antique desk that needed a purpose in her home. A few weeks ago she started to strip, sand, and create a vision on this treasured family piece. I think the results are fantastic!
The drawers are painted a gorgeous blue from a sample can of paint by Olympus, while the birds are stenciled in gold acrylic paint from a local craft store.
I loved the knobs that she found and think the color really pulls out the richness of the wood grain. She was originally started looking for antique or vintage inspired wallpaper to paste to the front of the drawers, but decided to change course and go with painting them instead.

Hope you liked the first bird sighting and be looking for many more to come!


  1. Gorgeous! I love that your nickname is Katie Bird...so sweet!

  2. I love that desk! and I will really love to see all you bird sightings - how fun! the story of your nickname makes me smile!

  3. That is such an awesome idea! LOVE it! And by they way, I cannot BELIEVE that you have a pomegranate tree in your yard, lucky duck. Pomegranates are really great with prosecco, fyi.

  4. Great idea!!! It fits the name ;). That ia a gorgeous piece of furniture!

  5. I love that desk. The gold birds with the cobalt blue are stunning!

  6. I love the first bird siting! That looks amazing! I would have never thought to paint the drawers blue and the stenciling looks fabulous!

  7. Katie,
    What a cool idea. Its such a beautiful piece!

    Thanks for your sweet note today. You are such a dear!

  8. Wow, what an amazing desk - love those cute birds on it! x

  9. Love your bird sighting idea. I adore anything to do with bird motifs. Your friends desk turned out beautifully - gorgeous colour too! Michelle

  10. So precious! I love the bird desk! Very cute and different!:0 Thanks for stopping by my blog...have a great day!:)


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