Friday, May 14, 2010

Friendship Friday

I was on my way to work this morning with my hair still wet and my stomach growling. I hadn't had any coffee because after I made my go-cup I realized I was out of Splenda. There was nothing good on the radio (even satellite) and I was getting pretty frustrated in morning traffic. Do you have those mornings when you start saying, "man can't I catch a break?" It's probably a good thing I was in the car by myself, because traces of road rage were beginning to burst through my chest, neck, ears, and then out of my mouth.

After catching every red light I decided to check my voicemail. I had a message from my good friend Elizabeth and it really made my heart lighter. She was at the airport (yesterday) and was writing a speech for a friend's rehearsal dinner. She called me to tell me that nearly two years ago she was writing a speech to give at my wedding. She said she was thinking about Jonathan and I and how much she loved having both of us in her life. She said she was thankful for us.

Elizabeth is one of my closest and most dear friends. We lived together in college for three and a half years. She's one of those great friends you pick up just where you left off. The reason I wanted to share her 30-sec voicemail message with you is because it completely lifted me up this morning. Her sweet words and taking the time to let me know she was thinking of me means so much. My day could have snow-balled into something monstrous, but it amazed me how quickly I was able to smile and be thankful for another day God has given me and for friendship.

Needless to say, I had overreacted because I am better than great right now. My hair is curly right now, I found some splenda at my desk, my co-worker brought in doughnuts, I got to work safely and on time, and I was grateful for another day and privileged to have such wonderful people in my life. Maybe I should have called this "overreaction Friday".

Happy Friday friends!


  1. That is so great Katie, how things like that happen just when we need them. It's a nice reminder that we are being looked after even at the most trivial of moments.
    Like you, am so blessed with wonderful friends, who I don't get to see as much of as I would like, but we call each other 'comfy old shoes' because we are so comfortable with each other, regardless of how much time passes.
    Love that.
    Flick :)

  2. Kaite, so glad you stopped by! What a sweet blog you have. There is nothing like a good friend to pick you up when you are having one of those days. I always have "overreaction" fridays! ha ha

  3. thanks for sharing katie. i know that kind of thing is tough!

  4. any morning with doughnuts is destined to be halfway decent! : )

  5. hey, it's too hot right now to try doing your hair anyways!! haha


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