Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Promise

This post may not be what you expect. It's mainly about what I want and hope for 2011. I love the New Year because it's full of possibilities and new beginnings. I feel at each New Year that I can't believe the last one is over and I try to think of what I can do better for the next one.
Last year was tough. My husband and I sold a home, moved, rented, bought a new homee and had moments where we really tested eachother. It can be tough when there are a lot of things going on that add additional stress in your life. I would be lying if it said it was easy. For me it's hard because many of the things I stressed over were things I could not control. When you want everything to go right and be perfect it tends to be the opposite sometimes, doesn't it?
I am not really a fan of "resolutions" because those tend to be easily broken. Instead I want to call this a New Year's Promise. I think with prayer and God's help this can be the year of being. This is what I mean...

... Not wanting more, but being grateful with what I have.
... Change what I can and not dwell on things I can't control. Being able to give up control.
... Being still. Being quiet. Being able to have moments of reflective silence.
... And lastly being the best me. Being the me God wanted and sharing it with others.

I hope you have luck in your own New Year's promises. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year!


  1. Great promises Katie. I definately want to push your first one in our family. Looking back over our Christmas I believe we all got too much stuff and we can all learn to be happy with what we have. I really want my family to focus on what we can give to others rather than what we can get. I pray that you hold your promises close and that the Lord guides you through the year so you may fulfill his purpose for your life! xx

  2. These are the best New Year's promises I have seen yet.
    Beautiful-each and every one.
    Trials are always opportunities to be turned into blessings as we learn and grow from each one.
    Thanks for sharing these katie!

  3. I like your attitude. I like the old year and I like the new year: something to be learned from the last, something to learn from the one to come....wow, look at me all profound with my clichés :)

  4. It sounds like you're starting the New Year with a wonderful attitude and outlook. I hope it is a fantastic year for you :)

  5. Beautiful, heartfelt post, sweet Katie! Your words rang very true with me... I'm looking forward to this year as well, being more myself. Best wishes to you for the new year, I feel like it's going to be a fab one!
    Flick xo

  6. Giving up control is so hard...but you are right. We need to realize when it is time to give it up to the Lord!

  7. A great way to start the new year in 2011 Katie. Sometimes we all forget the need to step back and take in what we have and live in the simple moments to appreciate those we love and the beauty around us. We welcomed in the new year with my partners brothers wedding - a beautiful and memorable day. It was a great way to start the year and take in the moment. I love the previous post for your husband, a gorgeous tribute to your relationship, with gorgeous pics - thank you for sharing the journey.
    Best wishes for 2011
    Rebecca xo

  8. Katie, this post really touched me and I could relate SO much. Especially to the added stress that life can throw us sometimes and how it can test us. I'm really resolving to also be grateful for what I have. Here's to a wonderful 2011!!

  9. Very sweet, hoping the best for you in the new year.

  10. WONDERFUL!! Happy New Year!;)

  11. my word if you will for the year is to Surrender... Surrender more of me to God... allowing Him to work in me, continue to change me according to His will, to fill me with His Holy Spirit, allowing him to flow through me ... Surrender. I went through a time in life when this came much easier to me... as a mommy and a wife... it is much much harder! =) Blessings to you as you journey into 2011~ =)


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