Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Has Come & Gone

Saturday, September 11th I celebrated my 26th Birthday. A lot of people asked what I had planned for the day, but I was pleased to say “not too much”. We spend so many of our weekends traveling that I long for weekends at home. I wanted to spend it with my family… and I did just that. My parents and two of my three brothers came to celebrate with me and Jonathan.

We went to dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurant called Leonardo’s. They have these great rolls that have Italian seasoning and soaked in parmesan and butter. (This is not on the diet, but for your birthday I think you can slide). I always order the eggplant parmesan and this year was not a disappointment… sooo delicious!
Afterwards we came home to lots of cake and gifts. It always cracks me up to listen to my dad, two brothers, and husband sing “happy birthday” with my mom trying to pep up their monotone voices. (Makes it hard to keep a straight face.)

Jonathan chose to wrap my gift in packaging wrap. It was either the brown wrapping or Christmas paper. I never realized that I always use bags and have never needed to wrap a gift that big. He ordered all the Harry Potter books in hardback for me… it even came in my own Hogwart’s trunk! I have read all of the books, but only owned one. I am so excited to have my very own collection and plan to reread them all before the next movie.
I had a lot of fun treats from my family and was just thrilled to spend the night with them just laughing and picking on one another. Everything was so thoughtful and my last gift was just hilarious. My middle brother Thomas, who lived with us this summer, got me the SHAKE WEIGHT! I am not joking when I say it’s so fun and hard to do. Supposedly you use it for 6 minutes a day and I barely lasted one… I will get better and I think I will eventually stop laughing when I use it. We shall see!
Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes. I especially wanted to thank all my friends, family, and Jonathan for making me feel so loved. I am truly blessed. I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. the shake weight!!! i love it :) i love all those gadgets from tv! you look gorgeous--happy belated!

  2. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!! Sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating. What a great gift getting all the Harry Potter books and especially in such a cute trunk. I am a huge fan of the books too although I don't actually own any myself. Hope you're having a lovely week x

  3. Sounds like a fun night Katie. Family times are the best. Adorable wrapping and words from your husband - very cute! Happy Birthday.
    Enjoy your week.
    Rebecca x

  4. Happy Birthday! I saw a commercial for the shake it last night and was laughing at the guy. He was such a girl!! Now I guess I see it really is hard!

  5. Happy Late Birthday!! I have never heard of the shake weight!! hm... must google it!! My hubby wants that set of HP books!! are you excited for the movies to come out this fall??!! we can't wait!!


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