Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lake Livin'

Greetings from this lake-dipping, no-makeup-wearing, sunscreen-applying, full-tummy, relaxed blogger! Hubby dearest and I have spent the last few weekends at the lake and boy did we have a great time. A group of our friends gather a various houses on Lake Wedowee. If you don't know where that is, you are asking the wrong person to explain. I am merely a food planner and passenger when we head out of the "big city" to Randolph County Alabama. I do know it's two hours away from Birmingham and to me, it's the perfect couple of hours for me to unwind and prepare for lake livin' with good friends.

This weekend we also celebrated our friend's Lesley and John son's first birthday. They had a "Blue Dog" theme, which was absolutely precious. And while I wish I had some pictures of my own to share I offered to capture the festivities on Lesley's camera so she did not have to worry about missing a thing! After barbeque, visiting with family, and learning what a "smash cake" was we all headed to the water.

It was awesome getting to visit with a group of our friends from Atlanta. Most of them used to live near us until recently and we miss them immensely. I am sure each of you can relate to us when you have close friends move. I can easily say this is why we are so eager to do anything and always seem to be gone on the weekends to see them or meet somewhere in the middle.

Above is mom (Lesley) with birthday boy Jeb. Out of the group that stayed at the lake we had all little boys ages 3, 1, and 10 months. It was hysterical watching them play and even more hilarious watching the parents put on these super bulky life vests and coating them in sunscreen. My husband, whose nickname is "Prince" with all his friends magically became a "Mr. Prince" over the weekend.
The past couple of weekends have been different though. Years ago we would all stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Now 10 pm rolls around and the party goers start dropping like flies. Our mornings would start at 9 am with bloody marys, laughing at who passed out where, and recapping events from the night before. This time it begins at 6 am (if you are lucky) with black coffee, poptarts, and Backyardigans playing in the background. My favorite quote for the weekend was, "the volume of life does not stop when you have a hangover." So true.

While all this is different it's a new kind of content for me. I love that our friends have kids and I love even more that they want us to be a part of it all. It means a lot that during these moments their children are learning and developing they want Mr Price and Aunt Katie there. One day I can't wait to share my children with them and hope they grow up together and be an extension of our family.

Lastly, I could not help but share pictures of the boys getting into the American Spirit. Jonathan stopped and picked up "real American" tshirts from the dollar store. The boys spiffed them up a bit and grabbed a few props for the picture. Their creativity is in full force and all within the first few minutes of our arrival.

Lastly, I held the air gun while the boys got situated. I look like a regular ol' Annie Oakley, but I am sure she did not look as intimidated as I did here. At least it was proof that I was there this weekend as I am usually the one behind the lense.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. awe looks like you had a great weekend. Love the lake pics...we just got back from a lake vacation too:-)

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! I bet you make a great "Auntie."

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend. Love the lake pics!

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