Sunday, July 24, 2011

guest room mirror

Hey hey! I hope you are going well and you are enjoying the summer. I have been busy the past two weeks with some home projects and I have been eager to share this one with you. Our guest bedroom needed to get uncluttered and have a space where our visitors could get ready. I knew I wanted a mirror with a unique design and finally found a piece I love.

I found this mirror for $50 I loved the shape and the price when I learned it was marked down to $23 since there was a small scratch on the frame. I have learned that a lot of retailers will take futher discounts on floor models or scratched items to try and move them out of the store. I didn't mind because I knew I would be painting it a high gloss white for the guest bedroom. So I took my time taping off the mirrior and protecting the glass before priming.

After it has been primed I put a couple of coats of spray paint on it. The key when applying spray paint is to do it in layers when the piece is dry so that you do not get any of the drip marks. Even coats can help you get the shiny clean look you are looking for.
I am really pleased with the end results. I decided to go with black and white pieces and minimized the amount of clutter I had on the dresser. The room has random pops of blue and there are even some blue books under the horse figurine.
I know this is our guest room, but it happens to be one of my most favorite rooms in the house. The pops of white and light linens just make this room look so peaceful. I hope it makes our guests feel welcome and want to curl up on this comfy bed with a book and relax.


  1. great pick on the mirror - I love that shape too. I would gladly stay in that guest room!

  2. i love it! you did a great job with the frames too!

  3. this looks so pretty! i love all the pieces you chose to put on the dresser. very classy!


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