Monday, April 4, 2011

Sheeze Louise

I feel so out of it! I have been out of town every single weekend, hosting guests at the house or running around like a chicken with my head cut off. It's no excuse for my absence but I feel like my blog always takes a back seat when life gets going. I hope you don't feel abandoned but many of you get what I am talking about. Kudos to those who have kids too and do it all!

I am working out of town this week and hope to catch up on your blogs while sitting in meetings! Hehe.


  1. I fully understand, as I do the same. Im busier now than when I had kids!!!! Look forward to your next post. Take care
    Rebecca x

  2. Hey there, I am hearing you loud and clear! I honestly thought I would be able to manage the traveling, the kids, my travelpod blog and keep up with blogspot as well.. I was dreaming! Life does take off sometimes, I am looking forward to it slowing down when we get back in a few months time! I hope you get the chance to stop and chill soon
    Flick x

  3. Life is hectic when you have to be out of the town so much, that I know from personal experience. Hope you get some time to catch up on things you love! :)


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