Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fish River Time

I arrived back at work this week after having a nice four day weekend. Jonathan and I needed a break from central Alabama and decided to head to the Gulf Coast before football season started. We thought we would head to the beach and get a steal on a condo, but those thoughts ceased quickly as we started to realize many places were not discounting prices. I thought there would be tremendous deals, but none that worked within our budget.
Luckily for us Jonathan’s parents have a beautiful place on the water and we decided to pay them a visit. We haven’t been there since Easter and after a few discussions it was a no-brainer… we were going to see them!
We arrived late Wednesday evening and awoke the next day well rested, with gorgeous sunshine, house full of food, and family to keep us company. I laid on the pier all day reading while Jonathan threw the bumper to Dax in the water. You seriously would not find a dog who liked to swim more than our dog! This is an old one where actually able to get him to rest on the raft!
Friday was a different day. Jonathan and his dad went to play golf and I had an appointment to go to the spa at the Grand Hotel. If you have never been or seen this gorgeous hotel and resort I suggest you check it out here. After the boys were done with golf, the hubs and I met for lunch and an afternoon by the pool. I borrowed this image from Lake Wood’s website, because all the images I took could not capture this brand new pool. It has a lazy river, water fountain, three loop slide, and lake that backs up to the pool. There are views from every angle here and I wish I could have rested under the umbrella all weekend.
We spent the rest of the weekend spending time with family on Fish River, good food, and tons of laughs. I did spend a few hours with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law picking out (and actually buying) fabric. I will show them to you eventually, but I think I am going to wait until they are finished. All in all I am so glad we went and look forward to taking it easy this weekend before football season and hot tailgates begin. Goodness knows that will have us travelling to Auburn every weekend very soon!
Oh, I and I almost forogt! Dax said he's beat and no one is to disturb him until Thursday! I don't think he got out of the water on Saturday except to go to the restroom. (so thoughtful of him) Anyways, he sends his best from the bed.


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! :) Your dog looks like he had the time of his life.

    You are right, super hot September Saturdays full of tailgating are almost here!!!

  2. what a great weekend! Glad y'all have family with such a great place!

  3. how fun!! I miss our black lab :( We couldn't take her with us to Europe so she stayed with friends in San Diego and it's been so long we feel she is more at home with them :( But we get pics all the time!!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful long weekend - how lucky that your in-laws live in such a pretty place where you could chill out and relax. Your spa session sounded nice. Glad you had a fun time away x

  5. Dax and Jack need to get together soon! We took Jack to the lake a few weekends ago and he couldn't get enough of it! Glad you had a great weekend!

  6. that looks like such a blast! how fun to spend time with friends and family!

  7. Lake and Oceans make everything better:)
    Looks like so much fun!
    We are going to try to squeeze one last lake trip in before the end of the summer:D
    Have a great day Katie!

  8. the hammocks are SOOOOOOOOOO inviting! =)
    I tried to lure our pup into a lake this week... NOT so much ... he hates it!! so sad!! =) my dog doesn't swim and he runs like a girl when he sees the hose even!

  9. how cute is Dax! That looks very relaxing--happy labor day weekend!

  10. Looks like a wonderful time! Relaxing!

    We're trying to get away next weekend, too -- we're very excited about it.


  11. Sounds like a perfect long weekend! It is now officially spring over here and our weather (26 to 28 degrees c) is perfect for an early break by the water - I definitely need to book one in! Hope you have a great weekend. Michelle


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