Monday, August 9, 2010

Delightful Finds

Glad to be back online! Crazy how being that disconnected from the online community would have you thinking you were missing your shirt or something. Well, maybe not that bad, but I felt as if I was going to burst if our internet wasn't up soon. I have a few photos I wanted to share with you from the past couple of days.
I get really annoyed when doing laundry. Jonathan is great because he folds (says I don't fold t-shirts the right way) and I iron and wash. I figured if I spent so much time running in and out of here that I might as well add a few things to spruce it up.
It doesn't seem like much but having cute baskets (catch all traps) and a laundry sign just makes me happy. It's still a chore, but making it pretty makes me feel better.
After taking on the laundry room I started mixing things up around the house. These three apothecary bottles belonged to Jonathan's grandparents and I love how the morning light adds a spark of color to our kitchen table. Don't they just pop?
Last but not least I spent $10 at Ross on this awesome horse! I LOVE stark white accessories and when I saw it I debated for 10 mintes on whether or not to buy it. I decided against it. Do you have those purchases that you always wish you would have picked up and didn't? Well it was meant to be because when I went back the next day they still had it! Jonathan asked, "what are we going to do with THAT?" I had to tell him awesome it is and that it's going in our guest room. Typical husband comment could not rain on this parade, because I showed it to everyone at work before taking it home. They agreed, it was awesome.

These black frames will go on the wall one of these days, but the horse will keep them company until then.

On a funny note, my mom sent me this You Tube Video. I normally don't post stuff like this, but it was too cute. I gotta give some props to the Swagger Wagon and excellent marketing strategy from Toyota, because this is a work of art.



  1. I've been searching for white decorations too. They are so simple and elegant! (The Swagger Wagon video is hilarious!)

  2. I personally love the horse and have been looking for a laundry sign for muyself--a cute laundry room really does make it so much more fun!

  3. Love the Swagger Wagon brother in law sent them to us, because he thought it was so perfect for us:-) LOL!!!

  4. Your laundry looks great, a few changes and its really freshene it up. Love the horse too, I think its a bargain..thank you for your comments on my bookcase/new chair post, and ottoman post, I really appreaciate it. Have a lovely week.
    Rebecca x

  5. I love finding unique pieces to work in a room. These are all fantastic.
    And that commercial...hilarious.

  6. I love the horse as well. The laundry room looks great with the few changes you made. Where did you find the Laundry room sign?


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