Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year

2010? I can't believe another year has gone by! What will they call this decade that just passed? Will we say two thousand and ten or just twenty ten? We now walk around with little computers as cell phones and every one is connected within seconds. A lot has happened in the early 2000's.

We spent New Years in Nashville with our good friend Matt. Jonathan got off of work and we headed straight to Nashvegas. I would say New Year's Eve was a succesful evening and this is why:

1) For those of my friends that like to call me "Grandma" I stayed up until 4:00 AM.

2) We saw the Nashville guitar drop (first annual) and it wasn't too bad either.

3) I met and took a picture with Abraham Lincoln!

4) Did NOT lose my purse even though people made bets about it all evening.

5) I got Jonathan to dance with me and found a really fun hat!

All in all it was a fun New Year and here are some pictures to prove it!

Before we left Matt's House to go to downtown Nashville (my first time!)

Nashville Guitar taking the plummit

Mr. President and me (he apparently wears this out a lot and I was afraid to get too close)

The three amigos and doesn't Jonathan look like he's being forced to give me a kiss?

We were waiting to order food at a place that made the best grilled cheese I've ever had!

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