Friday, September 9, 2011

Turks and Caicos Part 2

So here we are, the first full day in Turks and Caicos. We slept in, ate breakfast in our room, and then headed out! I am the early riser so naturally I was up for two hours before the hubby and I started jumping on the bed waking Jonathan up. Naturally, he asked why I didn't go without him, but I wanted to experience every inch and every moment of this trip with him (cheesy, yes, but I couldn't help it!)
 The days were spent with sleeping, swimming, napping, eating, snoozing, and reading... did I mention we slept a lot!?!? I think our lives finally caught up with us and when we were not enjoying the gorgeous water one or both of us were passed out under the umbrella. I am not exaggerating when I say we did this almost the entire time. We didn't know how exhausted we were until we left the country and finally relaxed.

 So our first major outing was to see the local hot spot was to the Conch Shack. It was exactly that! They had live music on Thursday nights so we ate conch and listened to the band. I could not resist getting a conch shell as a souvenir. (Now what to do with it now, I have no idea but I am open to decor suggestions.)
 The guys above were great sports. They kept laughing because Jonathan was trying to coach them on how to take awesome pictures with us. I can't tell if the guy on the right was laughing or was ready for us to leave... I got them to take a ton of photos so he was more than ready for me to leave!

On the trip I took something along the lines of 200 pictures and these photos do not do the vacation justice. I was so happy Jonathan made this happen for us. When I say I married my best friend I mean it. He's a wonderful travel companion and I am so lucky to have found someone like him. I will cherish memories like this forever. Thank you hubby dearest!

All in all I would recommend this trip again and again. To be perfectly honest I want to go back again next summer! Please send me a comment if you would like more information or click here to visit the resort we stayed at. It was called the Somerset on Grace Bay and the package we received included airfare for a great price (we flew from Atlanta to Miami, but for a little more Atlanta flies direct). One neighboring resort was Villa Renaissance and the vaulted ceiling and pictures above were taken when we ate dinner there. Maybe Jonathan and I will go there next! (wink wink)

Our cab driver told us Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and Reggie Bush stayed at the Somerset.... not sure if that is true but it made me feel like we were pimpin' at the time! haha, probably not the same room though.

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  1. Have loved looking at both of these posts of your trip. What a gorgeous and relaxing break. You both look great. thanks for the virtual journey.
    Take care
    Rebecca x


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