Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Quickie

Here's a quick project that took little to no time. Remember the group of old lamps I was saving in the basement?
 I took the maroon one with the "genie in a bottle" shape and gave her a little face lift. First, I wiped her free of all dirt and dust. Then I taped the cord and other parts that I didn't want painted. I took a spray paint can of Kilz (primer) and began to prime. The key when using spray paint is layering. This way you don't get those dreadful drip marks.
After the base is dry it's time to apply your color. I found this amazing shiny brown from Rustoleum. It added some metallic without being over the top in the den. Then I pulled out my $14.99 linen shade and voila... lamp for less than $20!

PS I don't think I ever mentioned that I am lucky to have a working bench in our garage and a husband who lets me leave unfinished projects around.


  1. looks great. I have 4 lamps like that that need redoing. I just don't have lamp shades, so I am not as inspired to redo them :(

  2. Looks gorgeous! I need a new lamp...and you just gave me an idea!! Maybe I can find a lamp base at Goodwill for our bedroom. :)


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