Friday, June 10, 2011

I think I got Board

You heard me right and I didn't spell it wrong either. I decided to make another headboard. For me, I get on random kicks where I will spend a little time working in a room. I know you are technically suppose to move onto one room after finishing another, but I like small projects here and there.

Remember the guest room before?
I rearranged some items and decided I needed something over the bed...
I had some extra fabric that matched the creamy gold hues that are shown through out the room. I decided it would work perfectly as a faux headboard.
Additionallly, I had an extra picture frame that was sitting in a corner of the basement. This worked great as a base frame to my fabric. A few staples and making sure I didn't put a million nails in the wall and voila!
Something on the wall and helps pull this little guest room together. Not a Pottery Barn headboard, but this quick little fix was free! (Thank you PB and I'll take free any day of the week!)


  1. It's awesome! :) So much talent!

  2. Aghhh Stalker! I heart your blog. I wish I could do all the projects you do. Mine's mostly about cooking. :)


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