Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bird Landing

I have missed y'all so much! There have been a great deal of events taking place in my life which took me away from my computer. Now that the bird has landed, I feel I can take a deep breath to stop and share what's taken me away.

The first being my new job! I am not able to blog, read blogs, or really even think about blogs during the work day. I am so busy, challenged, and excited each and everyday it's almost too good to be true. To give you a little more information I left sales and publishing to go into a full-time marketing role at a "very large" financial institution. I know the numbers side of banking/lending/trusts is not my forte, but it does not really matter as I pick out brochures, redesign presentations, and work as a support system for everyone else in sales. That's my kind of sales job if you ask me! If you have a smart phone that you recommend let me know, this may help me blog on my lunch break and never leave you that long again. :)

In a brief and bulleted fashion I am going to give you a glimpse of the other happenings the last few weeks.
  • I have lost 9 lbs and the hubs14. We are on a good streak of trying to be healthy and be the best us. So far it's been amazing to look and feel better in my clothes.
  • We have also joined and gym to help in this process.
  • I signed up for another 1/2 marathon. Losing weight has made it easier for me to get back into running. I have signed up with my sweet friend Emily Ann and can't wait to run with her in April and catch up. Miss her so much since we moved!
  • We are in the process of planning a MAJOR trip for the summer. I am not sure where, maybe Hawaii, Costa Rica, Belize, or somewhere else beachy, but we are planning and I am elated about this opportunity. Any suggestions would be great!
  • We went to New Orleans with about 15 of our friends last weekend. Our good friend Collin celebrated his 30th birthday and instead of a party or presents we all had a weekend of fun. A few of the good pictures are here:

I can't wait to catch up on your blogs this afternoon and tomorrow. I hope you are well and I am sure there is a lot I have missed with you too!


  1. yay! congrats on the job and weight loss! Please share your weight loss secrets and maybe some healthy meal ideas! T and i have a few lbs to loose and could use some motivation!
    Regarding vacation, I backpacked through Costa Rica for a bit and it was amazing! You can really get better bang for your buck there. I have heard Belize is less industrialized (not that Costa Rica is either) and is absolutly amazing too! Keep us posted!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff going on!! We went to Belize for our honeymoon, it was great! I suggest Chaa Creek or Victoria house...we split our trip and stayed at both places! Can't wait to hear where you end up going!:)

  3. So glad you are enjoying you new job! I hope I am as lucky to find a job that I love! My bf is about to go to Belize for a marine biology research program. I am majorly jealous because he gets to camp on the beach and snorkle for about 3 weeks.

  4. Congratulations Katie, its good to hear you are enjoying your new job. Well done to you and your hubby on the weight loss, cant wait to hear about the marathon and training. Your dining room is gorgeous, I love the fabric for your curtains/drapes. Enjoy your week. (I am sitting looking at the beach while enjoying a long awaited holiday along the Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia.
    Rebecca x

  5. Glad you are enjoying your new job!!! It sounds like fun! Beachy vacation sounds wonderful right about now!

  6. Congrats on the new job and the weight loss!! =) we cut TV this year and added the gym to our life... kids too... it was a wonderful change! I lost 5 lbs... but still have 15 to my goal... I have slacked WAY off... must get motivated and back at it! =)

    I heart Hawaii... we did Waikiki to say we have been there.. but next time I hope to do a quieter less touristed area of the islands!! =) though I hear Belize is a fabulous place too!


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