Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holidays are so close!

November is here and I am surprised how much I am itching for the holidays. When I think about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year I always catch myself remembering things from my childhood. I am sure many of you do the exact same thing. I have been thinking about how my mom decorated every nook and corner of our home (pictured above and below); I recall peeking into the knitted stocking my Great Grandmother made me when I was four; I can smell the delicious baked treats coming out of the oven, and feel the frosty air outside before heading to visit with family and friends. (insert sigh here)
These fond memories that I have are things I hope to share with my children one day. Is that what parents enjoy the most; sharing these memories and creating them for their own children? It's something I am really looking forward to and in the meantime I have been tabbing soo many sweet treats and holiday gift ideas... Hopefully by the time we have little one's I will have an archive of goodies and traditions tucked up my sleeve. Until that happens I will keep myself busy by "testing" everything and making sure they are just right before I give them away.
This year I plan to try homemade breads, spreads, and caramel treats will be given as gifts to neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Last year I made easy fudge, melt-in-your mouth toffee, cookies, cupcakes, and anything you could imagine dipped in chocolate. (WARNING:these are very very bad for diets!) I plan to share some of my favorites very soon and would love to hear about anything you make that would make great gifts. I need to be as recession friendly as possible and even have a few ideas up my sleeves on how to decorate them once I have put them together. (Yay for old fabric squares and clearance ribbon!)

I hope your are having a great week. I am excited to take some time tomorrow and catch up on all my favorite blogs and maybe fit in a viewing of Elf!


  1. LOVE Elf! Ha...I plan to bake cinnamon rolls this year for friends and neighbors :)

  2. I am dying to make these: http://www.muirheadfoods.com/recipes/pecan_pumpkin_butter/dessert_squares.html

    we tasted them at Williams Sonoma and they were so very delicious, and the lady said they were easy too - so they will definitely be featured on the thanksgiving menu!

    I love trying new treats though, so be sure to share all your creations so I can try them!

  3. Katie,
    You are so right-it makes you remember your childhood. My husband and I are like little kids getting excited for Christmas. I think now that we have a little one who is starting to understand the world around him, we get to re-live our childhood through his eyes:)
    Homemade treats is definately on my to-do list! :)

  4. I am so excited for the holidays too! and I love your white sweater!

  5. ME TOO!! I was just thinking today that I am ready to get my tree put up!! :) Can't wait to see all the yummy things you make!

  6. Hi Katie, such great photos there! That is some seriously good decorating going on, and you are right, Christmas is so exciting for us now that the kids are old enough to make new traditions and enjoy some old ones that we have passed down! I'm so excited it's nearly here, and all those treats sound so delish.. I'm having very unhealthy craving right now!
    Flick xo

  7. awww.. i love the photos :) And your mom's house! WOW! Some Christmas gorgeousness there! I think about childhood, too - but then, i think about the future a lot. Weird. The first holiday memory that always comes to my mind is the candy. homemade candy. PB Fudge, Buckeyes, Oreo Truffles... ya know, the BAD stuff. YUM!

  8. You just got me SO excited for the holidays and the traditions that come with it! Isn't Elf the best? I look forward to watching it all year!

  9. Beautiful pics!! Do you all really have snow?! lucky.. except I am not really ready!! ha ha!
    Love the pic of you two in front of the tree... adorable! and YUM... I so want to master fudge this year!! I love Christmas time... minus the busy busy too busy!! ;) Have a great weekend!

  10. Let the dipped-in-chocolate season begin!

  11. thanks girl! the flowers are SOO easy! love them.

  12. I want your HOUSE!! Seriously, it's so delicious during the holidays, jealous!!!



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