Friday, July 30, 2010

My Planner

I have always had a day planner. I am a product of an engineer father and super-organized mother. Growing up my parents created calendar cupboards lined up with their four children's activities. Each child had the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. If you opened it up to get a bowl or a plate you may find my cheerleading and soccer schedule. Oh, you want a coffee cup? You will also find Thomas' karate, cross country, and boy scout agenda's taped to the inside of the next door.
I was given my first planner when I turned 16. It was an olive green sport planner from Franklin Covey. I suppose my dad figured with me driving 45 minutes to school and such a busy schedule that I would need to keep track of my own stuff. Maybe he was hoping to lighten his own load, but it certainly worked for me...
because I have owned one ever since.
I am going to call out "nerd alert" because I love writing in my planner. (And yes, I sometimes will write things I have already done, just to cross it off and feel accomplished.) I love ordering new inserts every year and getting to pick out which ones will get me motivated for the upcoming calendar year. I get super excited when they come in the mail and getting to write everything out fresh. New birthdays in their appropriate months, updating the addresses, adding football schedules, trips planned, etc. New inserts sort of feels like a new start. It's a clean slate full of possibilities perhaps?
I am on my second binder, which is still from Franklin Covey. (The first one was so great, why mess up a good thing?) This one is the same "classic" size, but is red and looks like crocodile skin. It's pretty big and houses way more than I'd like to admit. I do not have the day-by day inserts, but have traded it out to a week at a glance... found here.

I suppose we all have our quirks and things that keep us put together. I even think a person who seems unorganized probably has a way of managing their mess, which I like to refer to as "controlled chaos". You know those people who have everything thrown about and if you move one thing it actually messes up their way of being "organized"? Hahaha I guess organization is in the eye of the beholder. What is your quirk and how do you stay organized?

It will be a relaxing weekend at home and a possible laundry room makeover! Have a wonderful sunny weekend everyone!


  1. i absolutely my planner. I get one every school year! In fact, I have a desk calendar at work for work events and a personal calendar in my purse...NERD ALERT over here! haha.

  2. Oh my gosh, as a I read this post, my Franklin Covey apple green planner is sitting in front of me! :) I tried to switch to a cutesy Lilly one, but I just couldn't do it- I love my nerdy FC planner! I relate 200% to this post! :) Go check out my blog- you have won an award! :)

  3. Hi Katie:)
    I love making to-do lists:) I finally got a planner on my phone to see if that will help me stay more organized. That bright yellow planner would be my choice!
    Happy weekend!

  4. I too will write things down I've already done just to cross it off my list!

  5. I think I need to get one of these. I loved having one in college! I hate when people say just type it into your phone, because I have to see it written down somewhere. Thanks for posting about these :) That yellow one looks so bright and cheery! I also love getting cool pens to write with...haha
    Have a great week!

  6. I am the same way girl! LOVE it! I switched to my iphone calendar now. Can't believe I actually made the switch!


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